Mary Murphy’s 'So You Think You Can Dance' Blog, Week 3: "I’m So Happy They Fixed The Show Format!"

Mary talks about the best and worst dancers this week on SYTYCD

Mary talks about the best and worst dancers this week on SYTYCD

Courtesy Mary Murphy

For the 10th season of So You Think You Can Dance, judge Mary Murphy is sharing the inside scoop with In Touch readers— everything from show highlights to personal predictions. In Week 3, Mary talks about the fixes made to the new show format, who’s knocking her socks off, and who she thinks might be in danger of going home. Check back every week for more scoop from Mary!

I think we were all so excited that the format of the show changed just a bit – and so quickly! It was a happy medium what Fox did by allowing us to know who fell down into the bottom at the top of the show, and then saving the elimination for the end. Not only was I excited, along with the other judges, but I think the dancers were much happier as well. Last week after the first elimination, they were all crying backstage about who was leaving that night. We were all in an upbeat mood thanks to the tweak. I must admit it was less stressful for everybody.
Sometimes a format change can be difficult but I had faith that it would be easy to make this adjustment. At times, execs don’t want to listen to the fans. However, I was really pleased that fans did really jump on this and made enough uproar for production to notice. Bravo!
And it wasn’t just the quick fix to the show that gave me reason to celebrate; there were come incredible dances that absolutely thrilled me!
Amy and Fik-Shun are still standing out to me. Their performance last night surprised me because I thought it could have gone down in flames. I only say that because Fik-Shun struggled so badly with ballroom in during Vegas week. I was shocked with how much he impressed me. And Amy just keeps annihilating everything that she’s given, which continues to prove to everyone what a little powerhouse dancer she is.
I was so sad for Jade. He wasn’t able to dance due to an injury, which is always heartbreaking. On the brighter side of it, Jade’s partner Malece had the biggest breakthrough she’s had on the show when she was able to dance with SYTYCD all-star Marko Germar. I think that people will now see her in a different light. It was a night that will hopefully inspire more confidence within her, and I think that we’re going to see more of that in the weeks to come. It’s a bittersweet situation.
Although I thought Jenna and Tucker did amazingly, I still feel like they need a breakout moment much like Malece. They need a standing ovation in the next show, or I think this couple could be in trouble if they don’t give us magic next week.
The elimination last night was pretty tough. Even though it was easy to put Jenna through to next week, deciding between whether Jasmine or Alexis should go home was tricky. What boiled down to our decision to send Jasmine home was her lack of confidence. That really put her in danger. We kept Alexis because she believes in herself. Had she not shown that side of herself, because we as judges think she’s extremely talented, that would have never, ever happened. She would still be in this competition had she been self-confident.
Another person who might be in danger of being in the bottom is BluPrint. A lot of people want to see him fall down because they want to see a solo! Even though everyone wants to see him dance alone, I’m sure he’d rather stay safe. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week!
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