Lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Asks
Psychic About Future
With Her Boyfriend

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Lindsay Lohan is anxious to know what her post-rehab future holds. The star was spotted in NYC on Sept. 19 having dinner at Lure with a girlfriend, but stopped to chat with a street psychic about her love life. 

Elaine Nichols, a New York-based psychic, was taken by how healthy the Canyons actress seemed. "Lindsay looks great and was totally sober. She said she had a boyfriend and was very curious about what would happen with him!" 

Elaine tells In Touch, "She didn't get a full reading but said she was asking if things would work out with the guy she's dating. She was very sweet and seemed really happy." 

The troubled starlet appears to be taking her sobriety seriously, adds Elaine. "I've seen her around Soho (neighborhood of NYC) several times and she's always friendly with fans and is never on any drugs or alcohol." 

Lindsay has been living in New York since her three-month, court-ordered stint in rehab ended in July.