Dina lindsay lohan fight

Lindsay & Dina: 'They
Both Need Help'

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Lindsay Lohan can never seem to escape the drama!
Early this morning, the once jailed-star and her mom Dina Lohan got into a tiff that escalated into a full-blown physical fight, resulting in a phone call to 911 and police intervention.
After a long night of clubbing together, the mother-daughter pair began feuding in the car that was escorting them to Dina's home on Long Island, reportedly leaving Lindsay with a cut on her leg and a broken diamond bracelet.
A call was made to the police, and the 911 dispatcher was told the 26-year-old star was being “held against her will” by mom Dina and their driver.
This isn’t the first time LiLo and mom Dina have gone head-to-head, though. A source close to Dina claims their erratic behavior has gone on for quite some time now.
"They have been fighting like hyperactive teenage boys for the past 15 years,” our insider says of Dina and Lindsay. “They are both highly irrational and super-sensitive, and neither of them possess any filter or impulse control.”
The cops filed a Domestic Incident Report, but no arrests were made. If we’ve learned anything from the family over time, it’s that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

“If I could count on my fingers the number of full-blown screaming fights they have had, I would be the thousand-fingered woman,” the insider insists. “They both need help.”