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Lea Michele Tweets
Moving Photo From Set
Of 'Glee's' Cory
Monteith Tribute


The Glee cast has begun filming their Cory Monteith tribute episode to remember the star who died last month from a drug overdose.

Monteith's girlfriend Lea Michele tweeted a picture from the set on Friday of the necklace she was wearing bearing his character's name Finn along with this message: 

'Today... ❤'

Lea Michele Speaks About Cory Monteith: “Cory Will Forever Be In My Heart”

Following the tragic death of her boyfriend Lea has also been spotted in real life wearing a necklace with the name Cory on it.

Glee writers and producers had been in a frantic rush to rewrite Monteith's storyline.

Before his untimely death, the character Finn figured large into the entire season.

Instead they have had to write a special episode dealing with his death.

The Monteith tribute episode, which co-star Jane Lynch calls "the most beautiful thing," is set to air as the third episode of the season.