Hilary duff baby luca photo

Hilary Duff Tweets
Photo Of Crawling Baby


It’s a beautiful day for a cruise— Luca Cruz that is!

Hilary Duff showed off her on-the-move man Luca, tweeting a precious pic on Nov. 12 of the crawling 7-month-old tot. She simply captioned the photo, “My love.”

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Baby Luca has been crawling since Halloween, when the Lizzie McGuire star announced to the world that her son was finally mobile!

“Btw I officially have a crawling baby!! It’s cray cray!!! That maniac is allll over… grabby and demanding as hell annnnnnd WE LOVE him!!!” she wrote on Twitter.

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The famous 25-year-old and her hockey player hubby Mike Comry welcomed Luca, their first child together, in March, and have been sharing snapshots of the babe ever since.

“There is so much love," Hilary recently admitted of parenthood. "You can’t imagine it until it happens to you and you look at your husband and you’re like, ‘We did this together.’ It’s a really beautiful thing and we are enjoying it. There are no words.”

PIC: Hilary Shows Off Baby Luca

It's safe to say the proud parents have reason to boast and brag— baby Luca is as cute as they come!