The saturdays

British Girl Group,
The Saturdays:
"Comparing Us to The
Spice Girls is Nothing
But a Compliment!"

Photographed for In Touch by Richard Reinsdorf

In an exclusive interview and photo shoot with this week’s In Touch, British girl group,The Saturdays, open up about their U.S debut, being compared to The Spice Girls, and their new E! series Chasing The Saturdays.
After selling more than 3 million albums in the U.K., the five bandmates say of their stateside arrival they understand the comparison to fellow British imports The Spice Girls. “To be honest, it’s nothing but a compliment!” mom-to-be Rochelle tells In Touch, on newsstands now.  “It’s amazing to be compared to them, but we’re very different.” She even has "spice" names picked out for her bandmates! “Vanessa would be Party Spice, I’d say Una would be Feisty Spice, Frankie could be Flirty Spice, and Mollie would be Smiley Spice.”
Living up to her party-girl nickname, Vanessa White, 23, the youngest of the group, admits to In Touch, “I get away with a lot,” adding, her only complaint about coming to the U.S. is that “there aren’t enough pubs!”
“Fiesty” Una Healy, 31, is the only Irish girl and mom of the group .“I used to be a party person,” she says of fomer self, before giving birth to daughter Aoife in March. “But having a hangover with a baby is horrible!”
Another reason to envy these successful, beautiful girls? They are BFFs with One Direction and The Wanted. “They’re like our brothers,” says Frankie Sanford, 24. “When girls are screaming at them, we’re like, ‘Really?!’ They’re just stinky boys to us!”
But like their predecessors, the girls — who lived together in an apartment in LA while filming their series (which airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on E!) — have big plans. “Since we started,” says Mollie King (known as the romantic of the group), “it’s been about world domination.”

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