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Controversial Comedian
Gilbert Gottfried
Opens Up On Paula
Deen's Racist Remarks



If there’s one star that’s used to being in the hot seat, it’s comedian Gilbert Gottfried. The controversial star, who has received backlash from his own racist remarks, opened up about his thoughts on the recent situation involving former Food Network star, Paula Deen.

When the 58-year-old was asked his opinion on the controversy surrounding the professional chef, he sarcastically shared, “I've been lucky that I've never gotten in trouble over the Internet or over Twitter and I've never lost any jobs!”

Of course, that’s hardly the case for the comedian, as back in 2011 Gilbert was released from his job as the voice of the Alfac duck mascot after he posted several jokes about the earthquake disaster that had just struck the country.

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While Paula Deen’s insensitive comments were an isolated incident, Gilbert has received heavy criticism throughout his career, but hasn’t let the bad press affect him.

“On another day there's going to be someone else who is the next archenemy of society,” he stated. “I think they should leave everybody alone at this point!”

Mentioning how easily one can share their thoughts through the Internet, Gilbert said, “I think the Internet and the world in general is one big lynch mob nowadays."

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He continued, “I feel an almost sentimental fondness for old-time lynch mobs. At least then they had to throw a jacket on, go outside, get their hands dirty. Now you can sit around in your underwear on your computer typing out insults.”

Though Gilbert hasn't had regrets about his past comments, Paula issued a somewhat awkward apology video to the public for her remarks, saying, "I wanna apologize to everybody, uh, for the wrong that I've done. I want to learn and grow from this inappropriate hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable."