Candace cameron bure eating disorder

Candace Cameron Bure
Confesses That Faith
Helped Her Conquer


Candace Cameron Bure may have been an innocent, apple-cheeked child star, but there are several dark secrets hidden in her past. The former Full House star is revealing details about her life in her new memoir, Balancing It All. In the book, she reveals that she briefly suffered from an eating disorder shortly after marrying hockey player Valeri Bure.

The newlywed Candace moved to Montreal, Quebec, where her husband's team was based, but it was far away from her friends and family in her native California. Soon, she got lonely and dealt with her problems by overeating. Then she developed bulimia to deal with the weight gain.

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"Clearly it wasn't a healthy way to deal with things," the 37-year-old said. "That's really when my faith was kicked up a notch, and I sought comfort in my relationship with God and not with food."

Luckily, Candace had a strong support network to help her through her difficult child actress years. She credits the cast and crew of Full House, where she played oldest daughter DJ Tanner, for helping her avoid the body issues that plague young women in Hollywood. "I think I was very protected by my parents and the producers. They all had a sensitivity about it."

Now, Candace and her husband are still happily married and the parents of three children, daughter Natasha and sons Lev and Maksim.