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Backstreet Boy’s AJ
McLean Ready For Baby
No. 2!

Caroline Greyshock for In Touch Weekly

In the nine months since In Touch exclusively revealed the first pictures Backstreet Boy’s AJ McLean's daughter, little Ava has hit all her regular milestones—she’s crawling, she’s talking, she’s twerking…

Yes—you read that right! In Touch caught up with the 35-year-old funny Dad, who gushed over baby Ava and revealed his plans for another baby!

Exclusive Fire Look at AJ McLean’s Baby Ava!

“[Ava] is amazing, crawling up a storm,” the proud dad said. “She already can say hi! She has learned how to twerk though. She does this all the time and I'm all, ‘Oh, stop twerking!’ It's so funny.”

Uh oh! Not even 10 months old and this little girl is already giving her dad a hard time!

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Although she must be doing something right—her mom, AJ’s wife Rochelle—is looking to add another backstreet girl to their mix!

“My wife and I actually spoke about [having another baby] last night,” AJ excitedly told In Touch. “She wants to have another girl. I said, ‘Well, we can’t really plan that!’ It’s gonna be whatever comes out!”

PHOTOS: AJ McLean and His Baby Daughter Ava

His adorable baby girl is inspiring him to do more than procreate; after struggling with addiction, baby Ava is helping AJ stay clean.

“I got a great support system at home, great support team with these guys on the road, and I'm sober today,” he said.