Meet the Newest Member
of Tori Spelling and
Dean McDermott’s
Family — A Baby
Bearded Dragon!

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Serious question: Is the embarrassment of watching your parents’ lives crumble on reality TV worth it, if you get to be one of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s kids?

Some of the perks include, but are not limited to, attending UFC fights as a family and keeping awesome pets such as a bearded dragons!

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Sign us up to be a McDermott! Though we must make a confession — we’re only in it for the baby reptiles...

The mom-of-four shared a picture of the newest member of her household, writing, “Hattie welcomes a new adopted friend to the family… Her mommy also just laid a new ‘clutch’ of eggs. The kids are incubating them! #BreadedDragonsRock”

Uh, yeah they do!

Tori Spelling

Tori and Dean’s three-year-old daughter Hattie plays with her pet. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

And they’re going to get even more little dragon friends in the near future?! What lucky kids!

While they’e awesome pets, but we still kinda, sorta doubt it’ll make up for the years and years of therapy those adorable children will need when they inevitably come across footage of their father detailing the struggle of his “insatiable” sex addiction.

Tori Spelling kids

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Or — worse! — Tori and Dean’s Lifetime original movie, ‘ Deadly Pursuits’!

Yikes! Poor kids…

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