Teresa giudice legal consultant fired

Teresa Giudice Has
Been Fired By Her
Crisis Manager, Wendy


Teresa Giudice has parted ways with her crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, after the Real Housewives of New Jersey star requested to go to Danbury Federal Prison in Connecticut — the same prison that inspired Litchfield in Orange Is the New Black.

Uhh, does Tre know that Matt McGorry (A.K.A. the totally smokin’, though equally fictional Officer John Bennett) is not going to be there?

Wendy decided to part ways with the reality star after she submitted a letter to the judge asking to go to Danbury — without consulting with her legal consultant (which is kinda the whole purpose of having one in the first place…). Teresa was hoping for the placement so she could see her four daughters.

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“Sadly, my time with Teresa has come to an end. My client relationships are very important to me, however today’s filing regarding Teresa’s Bureau of Prisons designation request was not done with my knowledge or input,” Wendy said yesterday, Oct. 21.

“I am not the consultant referred to in filing. This is clearly not the first time my advice has not been followed, but this is the time where the stakes are the highest.

Wendy Feldman

Wendy Feldman

“Both for my clients and myself, I work hard to maintain a strong relationship with the Bureau of Prisons. As I’ve tried to instruct Teresa, this is a process that must be respected. A designation to a camp is a gift, not a requirement from the BOP and the judge. By making this request, Teresa has jeopardized months of work, months of preparation and in fact may jeopardize where she is ultimately designated to or sent to.”

Wendy concluded the statement to E! News by saying, “My ultimate responsibility is to all of my clients, not just to Teresa. I’m hopeful that, at some point, a change occurs and rehabilitation begins. My thoughts and wishes will always be with her children.”

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This tension between the women is not random. As fans may remember, Wendy slammed Teresa before their professional relationship began.

Last November, the crisis manager notoriously said that she felt as though Teresa was in need of a mental check-up before her legal process began.

“The number one thing I would do if I was on her team is get a psychological evaluation because there is something wrong with her and she needs to go into some sort of treatment,” she infamously said.

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