Nicky hilton 2

Nicky Hilton Flashes
Butt in Revealing
Dress Just Days Before
Her Wedding


Stars, they're just like us! Except, of course, when they purposely flash their butt cracks.

Nicky Hilton — the more conservative one of the Hilton sisters, go figure — made sure all eyes were on her Sunday night while she attended Paris Fashion Week in a dress that left literally nothing to the imagination.

Nicky Hilton

(Photo Credit: Splash)

Nicky Hilton 2

(Photo Credit: Splash)

It's been reported that the heiress was unaware of the wardrobe malfunction but we have to ask ... how on Earth was this an accident? How do you accidentally flash your butt crack? No seriously, someone tell us. Inquiring minds need to know...

Her risky fashion choice — which we can't decide whether it resembles a cheese grater or a piece of swiss — had heads turning left and right. But we can only hope the white dress she wears when she ties the knot to James Rothchild in a matter of days covers her up a little bit more!

Nicky Hilton

(Photo Credit: Splash, Getty Images)

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