Teresa giudice real housewives

Is Teresa Giudice
Being Replaced on
'Real Housewives of
New Jersey'?


As if serving a prison sentence wasn't bad enough, now Teresa Giudice has to worry about being replaced on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The reality star, 42, isn't expected to be released from jail any earlier than 2016, and unfortunately, the TV show that made her a household name can't wait until then to continue filming.

“The show will absolutely go on without Teresa,” a source told 'Radar.' “Bravo isn’t expected to make it public until the end of February, but filming has been loosely scheduled for late April, early May."

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And with one of their main characters behind bars, they need new faces to liven up the seventh season.

“Producers are still looking for potential new cast members," the source revealed. ”They are seriously considering getting rid of some of the new girls."

'Radar' broke the news.

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