Let’s break it down. Teen Mom OG alum Ryan Edwards has had a slew of legal issues over the last year, including his most recent arrest which happened in court on December 5, 2023. From substance issues to driving under the influence, we’re breaking down Ryan’s charges and how he ended up behind bars. 

Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards Accused Mackenzie of Cheating

Ryan’s estranged wife, Mackenzie Edwards (née Standifer), told Hamilton County Sheriff’s Officers that the couple’s problems began on “January 1, on New Year’s Day.”

“We’ve had issues for a long time,” she added. “Ryan has severe substance abuse issues that I found out about the day after we got married, six years ago. … So I stayed and tried to help. I was 20. It just got to be too much.”

Ryan took to social media later that month to publicly accuse his wife of adultery, saying, “I’m not proud of being married to someone that stays out in bars and goes home with others guys [sic].”

“I trusted you but now your words mean nothing to me, because your actions spoke the truth,” a quote shared by Ryan via Instagram on January 29 read. “Your regret is coming … good lord showed me what I need but not what I wanted [sic],” he captioned the post.

Teen Mom’s Ryan Threatened Mackenzie

According to an arrest affidavit ​obtained by In Touch, the mother of three recorded a phone conversation with her estranged husband which she interpreted as a “legitimate threat on her life.”

“You better f–king lie to the dudes who come and ask you, they’re gonna come and ask you at work,” Ryan said during the conversation with Mackenzie on February 8. “ You know it’s a big no no to be married and have your wife disrespect you in that kind of way but I said I’d take the ass whooping because I didn’t want the outcome to be [unintelligible] for you, and that ain’t fair.”

Ryan continued, “If you don’t tell me the truth right now, God you’re gonna f–king regret that.”

The following day, the 16 & Pregnant alum was served with an order of protection by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. He was ordered to immediately vacate the couple’s residence. 

Teen Mom’s Ryan Was Arrested for Harassment

Ryan was taken into custody at his place of employment on February 10 after he violated the protective order by contacting Mackenzie’s father. 

In addition to the communication with his father-in-law, Ryan allegedly vandalized the home he shared with his former wife. In body cam footage obtained by In Touch, the Tennessee native entered the couple’s home on February 9 and proceeded to leave a trail of destruction in his path. 

From broken windows and holes punched in walls, to overturned furniture and graffitied slurs spray painted on walls and furniture, the damage was horrific. 

In the video, the mother of three is heard saying that after telling her husband that she wanted a divorce, “He just got crazy and violent, and he’s never been that way before, ever.” 

He was also charged with harassment, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Teen Mom’s Mackenzie Filed for Divorce

Two weeks after Ryan’s arrest, Mackenzie filed for divorce on February 27. At the time of filing, both a restraining order and temporary custody of their children were granted to her.

Teen Mom’s Ryan Was Arrested Again

The father of three was arrested again just two days after his estranged wife filed for divorce. 

“Earlier this afternoon, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office personnel arrested Ryan Edwards on the following charges: Stalking [and] Violation of Order of Protection,” a March 1 press release stated.

He was released on bond just one day later.

Teen Mom’s Ryan’s Charges Were Dropped

Ryan appeared in front of Judge Starnes at a Hamilton County Court on March 14, when the judge dropped charges stemming from his February 10 and March 1 arrests, including stalking, possession of drug paraphernalia and violating a protection order.

According to court records viewed by In Touch, the judge also said the MTV personality’s charge for possession of a controlled substance would be dismissed if he completes six months in rehab. 

Ryan pleaded guilty to harassment and was ordered to wear a GPS monitor, go to rehab, have no contact with the victim and “complete HCP Level 2 for 11 months and 29 days” unless he is in treatment.

Teen Mom’s Ryan Entered Rehab

Ryan reportedly entered a rehab facility in Austin, Texas, two days after his court appearance, according to the judge. However, he failed to complete the six months that Judge Starnes required after checking himself out early on April 3.

Teen Mom’s Ryan Overdosed and Was Arrested Again

After returning to Tennessee, Ryan was found “unconscious and unresponsive” in his vehicle and rushed to the hospital after being revived from a near-fatal overdose on April 7. 

“Ryan Edwards was removed from the vehicle and placed in [an ambulance], where he received Narcan and eventually regained consciousness,” according to an arrest affidavit obtained by In Touch. “A quick search of Ryan Edwards by EMS turned up a small bag of what appeared to be a crystal-type substance and a second small bag of what appeared to be a blue powder. Also in the pocket was a paper receipt that had been rolled up.”

Despite refusing a blood test, Ryan later admitted he “snorted a powder before waking up in the back of an ambulance.” 

Upon his release from the hospital, he was arrested and charged with DUI and simple possession. He was held without bail until his April 20 court date.

Teen Mom’s Ryan Was Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison

After failing to complete six months in rehab as previously ordered by Judge Starnes, Ryan violated his probation and his 11 months and 29 days prison sentence was instated. 

“He’s an extreme danger to himself, he died on Broad Street and had to be brought back to life. You would’ve been dead. You should realize that,” Judge Starnes said during Ryan’s April 20 sentencing hearing, per The Sun. “Rehab won’t be good because he won’t do it. He needs to grow up, you know that. You have three kids. You may have some problems with your wife, but you have three kids. I’m trying to save your life.”

He went on to say that he may decide to send Ryan back to rehab in the future, but that he doesn’t believe now is the time because the “drug addiction is so strong.”

Teen Mom’s Ryan Was Released After Serving 3 Months of 1 Year Sentence

Ryan appeared in court on July 14, where Judge Starnes announced that Ryan would be given a furlough to complete an inpatient rehab program after serving three months of his one-year sentence, according to court records viewed by In Touch

“It’s time for you to go to the program. It’s your last chance to do this,” the judge stated, according to a reporter from The Sun, who was present for the hearing. “You need to do what you can. If you violate rehab, if you leave, you’ll be charged with escape and you will get consecutive sentences.”

The judge also called Ryan’s lengthy medical history “disturbing,” before adding, “You don’t want to spend two to three years in custody if you can get treatment.”

A rep for the rehab facility that the Tennessee native would be attending announced that a bed would be available for Ryan as of July 18. 

In addition to four weeks of inpatient rehab amid his release from custody, Ryan’s no-contact order with his estranged wife was also lifted during the hearing, In Touch can confirm. 

Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards Ordered to Live in Halfway House

After completing 28 days in rehab, Ryan was ordered to live in a halfway house on August 14. 

During the hearing at Hamilton County Sessions Court, Judge Gary Starnes ordered Ryan to enter Oasis halfway house after he completed ​his time at Cadas Rehab. He would remain in the halfway house until his next court date on November 6.

A Cadas representative spoke during the hearing and gave Ryan a “B+” following his rehab stint. “That’s pretty good for Mr. Edwards,” the representative said, before adding that he will undergo family counseling as part of his future stay at Oasis.

“He’s doing really well,” Judge Starnes said in response. “Looks like he’s been drug-free for three months and 25 days. Longest you’ve had in years and years. We’re happy about that.”

The former reality TV star appeared healthier during the hearing, according to photos obtained by The Sun. He wore a gray button-down shirt and black dress pants, while his hair and beard were seemingly recently trimmed.

Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards Was Cited For Reckless Driving

Ryan was charged with reckless driving after being caught riding his motorcycle more than 80 miles per hour over the legal speed limit ​on October 7.

The MTV alum was allegedly caught driving 145 mph in a 65-mph zone near his parent’s Tennessee home at around 10 p.m., according to legal documents obtained by The Ashley.

In Touch confirmed that Ryan was found guilty of reckless driving and speeding on November 8. He had also been charged with failure to exercise due care, but was not prosecuted on that count due to “good behavior.”

Ryan Edward’s Bail Was Revoked in Court

In Touch confirmed Ryan was taken into custody during a check-in hearing on December 5. The reality star was drug tested and held without bond until his next court date, which is scheduled for December 8.

During the hearing, District Attorney Coty Wamp said he was “interested to see if [Ryan] could pass a drug screening” since his last one was on November 8 when he was released from Oasis halfway house, according to the U.S. Sun.

“He was drug-screened yesterday. By Friday we will have those results back,” Wamp continued. “The state would ask he be taken into custody if he does not pass. He agreed to submit a report on his continuing care and follow-up. He hasn’t done it. If he does not do that by Friday and show he went to AA…. If he doesn’t go, if he fails drug screens, the state will file this petition.”

Judge Gary Starnes ruled by stating that Ryan would go into custody. “He was told to do it. My patience is gone,” the judge said. “You had chance after chance after chance. The results will be back Friday.” The MTV star was then handcuffed and taken out of the courtroom.

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