A family divided. The season 2 trailer for TLC’s hit reality TV series Welcome to Plathville is jam-packed with drama as older kids Micah Plath, Moriah Plath, Ethan Plath and his wife, Olivia Plath, rebel against their family’s conservative upbringing. The tension has led to their estrangement from patriarch Barry Plath and matriarch Kim Plath, as well as their younger siblings. Keep scrolling below for the most shocking moments from the Welcome to Plathville season 2 trailer!

welcome to plathville season 2 sneak peek

Moriah and Micah move out

“In the last six months, so much has changed,” Moriah, 17, said in her confessional before the scene cut to her and her brother Micah, 19, sitting at a table in their new apartment.

“What’s your favorite thing about living here and not living with our parents anymore?” Micah asked his sister. “That I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. I hate rules,” Moriah replied.

Kim and Barry Plath also moved

“We moved off the farm to a beautiful house in town,” Kim said in her confessional. But it seems her son Ethan, 22, and his 21-year-old wife, Olivia, are less than pleased with the location of the Plath family’s new home.

“It’s like .03 miles from our house,” Ethan said in his confessional. “I was just like, really?”

The scene then cut to a conversation between Ethan and his wife. “The more we try to make space, the closer they try to come,” he told Olivia.

Ethan and Olivia are estranged from his family

“Right now, there is no contact between my parents and me and Olivia and any of my siblings,” Ethan revealed in a confessional.

Mom Kim seemed to hint that their estrangement was Ethan’s decision. “He’s made it clear I’m not to communicate with him at all and now we’re to the point where we’re not together,” she said in a separate scene.

Micah’s modeling career heats up

“I’m just focusing on pursuing modeling. I’ve come such a long way being more comfortable with my body,” Micah said, as he modeled shirtless and posed for sexy photos in several scenes.

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Moriah has a boyfriend and two jobs

Fans will get to learn more about Moriah’s boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, but it seems the pair share a lot in common and enjoy going for rides on his motorcycle together.

“I feel like I’m really living life right now. I’m working two jobs. I’ve got a boyfriend,” Moriah gushed in her confessional. It seems one of Moriah’s jobs is working as a fitness instructor at a local gym.

It seems like Moriah is serious about her new man. During one scene, she brought him home to introduce him to her parents. “Do you know that you’re the first guy that Moriah’s brought to meet us?” Kim said. “Well I’m gonna flip that on y’all, how do y’all feel about us?” Moriah’s boyfriend asked.

Does Ethan get a tattoo?

Along with no sugar, no soda and no TV, no tattoos also seem to be a major rule in the Plath household. But in one scene, Ethan hinted he may be ready to rebel against his parents with the help of his wife.

“If you want to walk out of a toxic situation, one of the best things you can do is change the way you look,” Olivia said in her confessional.

“Are you ready to go get inked?” she asked her hubby in a separate scene. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” he said.

But it looks like he gets cold feet once they get to the tattoo shop. “This is supposed to be a fun thing,” Olivia told Ethan. “I’m having second thoughts,” he admitted.

Moriah and Micah confront their mom and dad

Even though Kim said she hoped 2020 would be a year of “healing” for her family amid their estrangement from son Ethan, it seems there’s also a rift between her, her husband and Moriah and Micah.

“I’m not allowed to see my younger siblings unless my parents are there because of my lifestyle,” Micah said in his confessional. Moriah added, “When I’m at my parents’ house, it feels like a cage that I’ve worked so hard to get out of.”

Later in the season, the siblings will get a chance to confront their parents about the way they were raised. “Why didn’t y’all prepare us more?” Micah asked during a tense scene.
“This is all stuff that we had to learn on our own,” Moriah added.

“Can you forgive us for our shortcomings?” dad Barry asked. “It depends on what your version of forgiveness is,” Moriah responded.

Welcome to Plathville Facts

No chance at reconciliation?

“I think it’ll take a miracle to bring the sides together I really do,” Kim said in her confessional.

Daughter Lydia Plath also seems to think her family needs divine intervention. “It can be so hard sometimes seeing everything that the family is going through. Father, just help Ethan and Olivia,” the 16-year-old prayed.

Season 2 of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville premieres on Tuesday, November 10 at 10 p.m. ET.

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