Homesick? Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath sent love to her many brothers and sisters after she seemingly fled her family’s homestead.

“#Sisters” the 18-year-old captioned a throwback video on Instagram of her little sis Mercy giving her a bunch of kisses on Sunday, July 12. With a revolving heart emoji she added, “I miss you Mercy! And all of my siblings back home … thinking of y’all.”

According to Moriah’s Instagram feed, the blonde beauty hasn’t been home from some time now. On January 1, she posted she was in Panama City Beach, Florida. Later that month, she shared a photo debuting some purple hair with the caption, “Seriously unpredictable #freedom.”

In February, she updated her fans on what she has been up to and explained she is on a journey of self-discovery. “I can say I’m gonna enjoy the confusing journey of trying to figure things out,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “It’s like I’m constantly running, even running from everything I love to try to find my purpose, there’s something that we’re all here for, every single person has a purpose for being here, I can’t tell you what that is but I can encourage you to search for your passion and don’t stop running till you find it.”

Although it appears Moriah put her journey on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like she restarted her mission in May after posting a photo in Nashville, Tennessee. “I don’t run from my problems … I go away forever to think about them,” she wrote on a series of photos from her trip.

Moriah’s parents, Kim and Barry Plath, said she’s always been the rebellious one in their family. In a November 2019 episode of their TLC series, the pair described their daughter as “opinionated.” Moriah seemed to agree and said she “doesn’t agree with everything they say and think.”

The Plaths were first introduced to fans during season 1 of their reality TV series. Now with their own show, they have been compared to the Duggar family because of their large brood of nine kids and strict rules such as limited technology. It appears Moriah has bigger dreams than what her family’s farm in rural Georgia can offer.

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