She’s not afraid to make waves. Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath seemingly shaded the courtship rules of her husband’s family in the caption on a sweet snapshot with her spouse, Ethan Plath, posted on February 14.

“They call it young, crazy love 🌹,” Olivia, 21, wrote. “I can’t deny that, because we are very young and wow has this been crazy so far. But if I had the choice to choose again, I’d pick you.” She then added, “They forget to add how wonderful it is to hold a hand and know it’s yours forever. Happy 4th Valentine’s Day, dollbaby. Well, technically only our [third] because of dating restrictions, but that’s okay … we can make up for that lost year tonight 😉 xoxo.”

olivia and ethan plath want kids but are in no rush
Courtesy of Ethan Plath/Instagram

The reality star is probably talking about courtship rules 21-year-old Ethan’s parents, Kim and Barry Plath, likely put in place for their son when he and Olivia first started seeing each other. They haven’t gotten specific on the show about what dating rules look like for the Plath family, but the Plaths follow a similar belief system as the Duggars and Anna Duggar‘s family, the Kellers, so it’s fair to guess that they’ve probably got some strict stipulations to follow.

For instance, many of the Duggar kids weren’t even supposed to hold hands before they were engaged. As far as we know, none of them kissed before their wedding day. We don’t even really know if the Duggars or Plaths celebrate Valentine’s Day the way a lot of people do. Between all of that, we can see how there might have been a damper put on the first one that Ethan and Olivia spent “together.”

They’re clearly making up for lost time loving each other now, however. Olivia posted a different photo of the two of them back in November 2019 and wrote, “Thankful that out of all the beautiful people in the world, you chose me. Thankful that you’ve laughed with me, stood up for me and loved me so sweetly and tenderly … I’m so thankful for you, Ethan Daniel Plath ♥️. As we said in our vows, may my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home.”

We can’t help but root for these crazy kids!

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