There’s a new fundie family in town. TLC’s newest reality TV show, Welcome to Plathville, premieres on November 5, and TBH, the cast seems eerily similar to the Duggars. As it turns out, there’s actually a connection between the two large, religious families.

Kim and Barry Plath have nine kids they raise on a 55-acre farm with little technology, limited computers, and no “carbonated sodas,” according to a trailer for the show released by the network. Ethan, 21, is the oldest Plath child. His siblings are Hosanna, 20, Micah, 18, Moriah, 17, Lydia, 15, Isaac, 13, Amber, 10, Cassia, 8 and Mercy, 6.

The Duggars, of course, have 19 kids, and their oldest, Joshua Duggar, is married to Anna Duggar (née Keller). That’s where the connection comes in.

How Is the Welcome to Plathville Family Connected to the Duggars

When Hosanna and Timothy Noble were married, a young woman named Nurie Rodrigues was one of the people in her wedding party. Her parents, David and Jill Noyes Rodrigues, posted photos from the wedding on their shared family Instagram account and wrote on July 2, “What a glorious, God-honoring day it was last Saturday! 😊 Hosanna Plath and Timothy Noble (both accomplished musicians) were wed in holy matrimony! What an HONOR it was for Nurie to be asked to be a part of this special day as a bridesmaid! 😊💖 She even caught the bouquet!”

Now, two random people who seem to have similar fundamentally religious beliefs as the Duggars being in the same wedding normally wouldn’t be that notable. However, Nurie isn’t just any young woman — she’s currently courting Nathan Keller, Anna’s younger brother.

How Is the Welcome to Plathville Family Connected to the Duggars

Nurie’s parents wrote on Instagram on July 2, “Nathan and Nurie are in an official courtship!! 😊 Let us formally introduce Nathan Keller. 💙 Nathan is the 7th child (of 8 children), son to Mike and Suzette Keller. Mike and Suzette are AMAZING people and parents and we DEEPLY love them! … The Lord put a seed of interest in both Nathan and Nurie’s hearts and they each (with honor) sought their parent’s advice and blessing. Both sets of parents could not be more THRILLED! 😁”

Since the Rodrigues family and the Plath family are apparently close enough that Nurie was in Hosanna’s wedding, there’s a chance that if Nurie and Nathan get married, the Plaths might be in attendance. One or more of the Plath children might even be in the wedding party! At the very least, we could see Anna, 31, and her Counting On family being there for her little brother’s nuptials, too.

We might be getting ahead of ourselves, but this is at least evidence that the Duggars and Plaths run in the same circles. Could there one day be a courtship between two of their kids as well?

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