Who are the Plaths? The family just became the stars of TLC’s newest reality series, Welcome to Plathville. When the show premieres November 5, audiences will get to learn more about them, but the network gave fans their first introducer with a trailer released Wednesday, October 16. In the teaser, the Plaths got the chance to introduce themselves on their own terms.

Meet the Plaths.

Parents Kim and Barry Plath aren’t your average mom and dad. Like the Duggars, they’ve decided to raise their nine kids away from some of the trappings of traditional society. Out in a rural community in the south of Georgia, they brought up their family on a 55 acre farm with limited technology, limited computers, and absolutely no “carbonated sodas.” We thought it was pretty much illegal to live in Georgia, the home of the Coca-Cola factory, and not drink Coke, but check out the trailer and you’ll get to see oldest son Ethan taking a sip of the soda for the very first time.

Ethan, 21, is the oldest Plath child and, so far, the only one to be married. He and his new wife, Olivia, have moved in together, and now he finally has the opportunity to explore all kinds of worldly things. Soda’s just the beginning, baby. His siblings include Micah, 18, Moriah, 16, Lydia, 15, and Isaac, 13.

The Plath Family Eats Dinner on Welcome to Plathville

Micah, the second oldest son, grew up without a TV just like the rest of his family, and he’s convinced he doesn’t need one. Moriah is the second oldest daughter, and her parents were quick to warn viewers that she’s “opinionated.” She “doesn’t agree with everything they say and think,” which seems like it makes her the rebel daughter. Lydia, the third oldest daughter, has heard of Spiderman, but doesn’t exactly know what Spiderman is. And as for Isaac, he’s big on sports — but has never heard of Tom Brady.

Rounding out the rest of the family, Broadway World says, is Hosanna, 20, the oldest daughter and a violinist, and younger daughters Amber, 10, Cassia, 8, and Mercy, 6. Though the Plaths also had a 10th sibling, a brother named Joshua, the Thomasville Times-Enterprise reports that he died in a tragic accident in 2008 at only 15 months old. While it’s unclear whether Joshua’s memory will be honored on the show, the younger kids can be seen playing in the background of the trailer despite not being formally introduced on camera.

Despite their humble beginnings, though, all isn’t well in “Plathville.” Now that Olivia’s outside influence is starting to rub off on the younger kids, she and her husband’s parents are starting to butt heads. But if fans want to see how the drama turns out, they’ll have to tune in.

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