Work it, Moriah Plath! On Thursday, February 13, the Welcome to Plathville star took to Instagram to flaunt her flat tummy, and she showed off some serious skin as well as her abs. Snapping a selfie at the gym, she posed in tiny shorts and a tank top she pulled up to reveal her stomach.

Flexing for the camera is nothing new for the reality personality. Though Moriah, 17, grew up in a pretty sheltered family, their clothing rules aren’t as conservative as the ones the Duggars live by. She’s previously posted shots in bikinis at the beach and rocking only sports bras and spandex shorts at the gym.

Moriah Plath Shares Sexy Gym Selfie Showing Off Her Abs
Courtesy of Moriah Plath/Instagram

The TLC star is also considered a “rebel” in her family, bucking their rules as she grows closer with sister-in-law Olivia Plath. The teen doesn’t credit brother Ethan Plath‘s wife with corrupting her or anything like that, however. Instead, she credits Olivia with showing that it’s OK to break out on your own. “Some don’t realize I’ve been different from the beginning,” Moriah wrote on Instagram in January 2020 as she shared a picture of them together. “[I] was bound to change, only with you I’ve had guidance. Thank you. 💖”

The 17-year-old deserves plenty of credit herself. Lately, she’s started to recognize that, too. In December 2019, she discovered a new song about how women can be their own heroes that seemed to send that message more clearly than ever. “OMG, y’all … Someone tell me why I haven’t heard this song ’til now??” she wrote on her Instagram Story as she played “Damsel” by Caroline Romano. “Strong women wear the pain like they do stilettos,” she continued, quoting Harriet Morgan. “No matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it.”

She’s not just helping herself, though. She’s ready to be there for her little sisters if they decide they want to live their lives differently one day, too. After Moriah posted a picture with Amber Plath and writing how “blessed” she is “to have [her] as a sister,” fans asked her to “save Lydia [Plath],” too. “It’s hard to help someone who doesn’t want help and hard to save someone who doesn’t see the potential damage,” she answered. But if Lydia ever does want help one day, the teen will be there. “I’d do anything I could for any of them,” she said.

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