Are Paul Staehle and Karine Martins still together? That’s what 90 Day Fiancé fans are wondering. When the couple returned for Season 2 of the TLC spin-off 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, it didn’t seem very likely that the couple would make it down the aisle — especially because Paul had accused Karine of cheating on him with other men. Despite all of the obstacles between them, Paul and Karine actually did make it down the aisle and fans got to see their wedding on a previous episode. But Paul and Karine’s life as newlyweds is not all wedded bliss — and Karine demanded a divorce from Paul after a huge fight only two weeks after they said: “I do.”

Paul explained that Karine’s brother, his girlfriend, and his friends ate about a week’s worth of groceries that Paul bought for himself and Karine. Paul was upset that they did not ask for permission to eat their food, and Karine claimed Paul said some offensive things about her family.

“The fight started when I received messages from Paul calling my brother a thief,” Karine said in her confessional. Paul allegedly said that they didn’t need to lock the doors to their apartment anymore because the thief was inside — which Karine took as a major insult towards her brother. Karine was hurt and she didn’t want to talk to Paul because he offended her family.

Using a translator app, Paul apologized for offending Karine’s family but Karine was not ready to forgive—and she said she wanted to get a divorce. “Paul doesn’t respect me, doesn’t make me happy, speaks badly about my family. I decided I want a divorce. I can’t stay married to him if my family doesn’t accept the marriage. I don’t want to suffer anymore, nor make my family suffer,” Karine said.

After Karine walked away from Paul, he followed her into their bedroom and started to list off all of the ways that he supports Karine by paying their rent, paying for their food and she tried to kick him out. When he wouldn’t leave, Karine left and went to her aunt’s house. Paul went to meet with Karine’s mom to try to talk things out via a translator.

paul and karine

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Karine’s mom made it clear that she does not approve of the way he treats her daughter and she was particularly upset that after their fight, Paul aired all of their dirty laundry out on social media. Paul got frustrated because he felt that no matter what he does, he’s always the one who’s wrong and Karine’s family takes her side. He gave Karine’s mom her wedding ring and stormed out.

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna do everything in my power to make them separate,” Karine’s mom said in her confessional. “I don’t have the courage to let my daughter go to the United States with him.”

Even though it seemed like Karine and Paul’s future as husband and wife was doomed, they eventually were able to work things out because they are still very much together, according to social media. Paul is constantly posting photos of or with his wife, and Karine might even be pregnant with their first child.