Tonight show jimmy fallon

Heeerrre's Jimmy: The
5 Best Moments From
Jimmy Fallon’s
‘Tonight Show’ Debut

Live, from New York, it’s Jimmy Fallon!

Last night, Feb. 17, SNL alum Jimmy Fallon made his debut hosting The Tonight Show—and let’s just say, he’s already off to an amazing start!

The funnyman and new dad brought the show back to New York—Johnny Carson originally moved the show from New York to Burbank in 1972—and we love the way Jimmy is bringing his own flare to the late-night franchise, while keeping it true to its roots (pun only slightly intended!).

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We can’t wait to see the incredible things Jimmy does with the show, and if his first show is any indication, there will be a lot to look forward to!

Check out the five most exciting moments from Jimmy’s Tonight Show debut!

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