Kendra wilkinson family feud brother colin

Family Feud: Kendra
Wilkinson’s Brother,
Colin, Encourages Fans
to Protest Her Reality


Kendra Wilkinson just can’t seem to catch a break!

Just days after her mother, Patti, accused the reality star of lying about her husband Hank’s alleged affair, her brother Colin has come forward asking friends to boycott her show Kendra on Top.

Colin allegedly took to Facebook to slam the former Playboy model’s decision to pay their estranged father, Eric, to make an appearance on the show, likening the compensation to “rewarding a person who has done nothing but cause pain and suffering.”

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He claims Kendra not only paid Eric, but also took the time and money to visit him in another country (additional reports claim the 29-year-old and her football-playing husband recently went to Costa Rica to make peace with her father for the Kendra on Top cameras).

Frustrated that his sister “sunk to the level of caring about ratings more than her own family,” it’s clear Colin is having a harder time forgiving and forgetting all the abuse he’s said to have suffered at the hands of their father, who he allegedly called “the biggest coward piece of sh-t I have ever met.”

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“A man should not leave his family behind because he doesn’t feel like raising two kids,” the youngest Wilkinson reportedly wrote on Facebook.

“A man doesn’t leave his family starving and broke. The last time I ever met my dad, he locked Kendra and I on his back patio during [Super Bowl] Sunday with no food, water or jackets.”