Things are still strained between Cara Maria Sorbello and Kam Williams in this exclusive preview for The Challenge: All Stars season 4. In a sneak peek at the Wednesday, May 8, episode, Cara discusses how she plans to hold onto the star she earned during the very first challenge of the season.

“Have you spoken to Kam or [her fiancé] Leroy [Garrett] yet?” Ryan Kehoe asks Cara, 37, in the preview. She responds, “I don’t know, I guess I feel uncomfortable. But I shouldn’t. There’s no bad blood on my end. If [they] throw another shot at me, then I gotta throw one back, but I’m not aiming. I’m looking to see where things fall.”

Earlier this season, Cara rubbed Kam, 29, the wrong way when she didn’t vote the way Kam wanted her to ahead of an elimination. Kam retaliated by helping to spearhead Cara’s nomination into the next elimination. Cara beat Rachel Robinson and got to keep her star, which guarantees her a spot in the final challenge if she can continue holding onto it. However, that certainly won’t be easy.

“My path is not going to be an easy one this Challenge,” Cara admits. “Now, in a weird way, I have to keep Kam and Leroy out of elimination. Because if Leroy goes back in, obviously my star is going to him to go to Kam. I’m holding onto this thing to the death.”

The only way to earn a star is to win an elimination and steal one of the six stars from the players that have them. Leroy, 38, got his star by beating Brandon Nelson in an elimination, so if he was voted in and won again, he could steal a star from any other man and give it to another male player, or steal a star from one of the women and give it to a female player (Kam). Or, Kam could possibly steal Cara’s star herself if she went into an elimination and won.

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“I’m just keeping everything in order because you never know,” Cara tells Ryan, 43. “People keep saying nobody wants to run a final with me, and that’s flattering, [but] it just means I have to – have to – win.”

Meanwhile, Ryan is ready to stay away from the drama and play both sides. “I think at this point in the competition, Cara is the one to beat, let’s be real,” he says in a confessional. “I don’t really know who I trust more – Cara or Kam. This is not my first rodeo of making it nice with two different, opposing teams. It’s just being smart about my own safety in this game.”

New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars drop on Paramount+ Wednesdays at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT.

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