Shayanna Jenkins is not happy with the jokes made at her late fiancé, Aaron Hernandez’s, expense during Tom Brady’s live Netflix roast. She told TMZ that she was “disappointed” to hear the various quips made about Aaron, who died by suicide in prison in 2017 after being convicted of first-degree murder.

“It’s sad that I’m trying to raise my children in such a cruel world,” Shayanna, 34, said. The insurance broker and Aaron, who was 27 when he died, shared a daughter Avielle. She is now 11 years old. Meanwhile, Shayanna welcomed a second daughter, Giselle, with Dino Guilmette in 2018.

The proud mom admitted that she’s worried about Avielle seeing what was said about her father during The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady.

aaron hernandezs fiancee slams tom brady roast joke

Aaron played on the New England Patriots with Tom, 46, before being released from the team in 2013 amid the first-degree murder charge against him. In April 2015, he was found guilty in the murder of Odin Lloyd and sentenced to life in prison. He died behind bars two years later while in the process of appealing his conviction.

During the roast, there were several jokes made about Aaron, including one from Tom himself. “The bar for a Patriots tight end was pretty low back then,” the quarterback quipped. “Block, catch, don’t murder.”

Nikki Glaser also referenced Aaron during her time at the podium. “Give it up for zero-time Super Bowl champion Randy Moss!” she said. “Why don’t you have a ring? What the hell, man? You’re one of the best ever. Drew Bledsoe has a ring. Aaron Hernandez has a ring … around his neck.”

Julian Edelman, who also played on the Patriots with Aaron, made a similar hanging joke, while Jeff Ross said that the disgraced former athlete was sending “greetings from hell” during the comedy special.

Meanwhile, Tom’s Netflix roast also poked fun at the Super Bowl winner’s personal life, with many jokes about his failed marriage to Gisele Bündchen. As In Touch exclusively reported, the supermodel was not happy to be mentioned during the live show.

“Gisele isn’t just furious with the people who roasted Tom and made fun of her, she’s livid with Tom for even agreeing to do it,” a source dished. “He knew the jokes would be cruel and aimed at his marriage and at her, but he did it anyway. She blames Tom for not even taking her or their children into consideration.”

The exes share children Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11. They divorced in 2022.

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