Are 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh still together? The couple brought major drama on season 1 and delivered one of the most shocking twists in franchise history when Jenny learned about Sumit’s big secret: he was married to another woman in an arranged marriage set up by his parents, but he really wanted to be with Jenny. When they returned for season 2, they were dedicated to fighting for their love and for their right to be together despite all of the obstacles that stood in their way.

Sumit and Jenny met online a decade ago in 2011, but their relationship started off on the wrong foot because Sumit catfished Jenny with photos of a different man under the name “Michael Jones.” When he eventually came clean to Jenny after four months of talking online, she was already in love with him and was willing to look past the catfishing.

90 day fiance jenny and sumit

In 2013, Jenny visited Sumit and his family in India for four months and they planned to get married but Sumit’s family did not approve of their relationship. After Jenny returned to the United States, they arranged for Sumit to be married to another woman, and Sumit never revealed the big news to Jenny and kept their long-distance relationship going. When she left everything behind in America to be with him in 2019, she thought she would be marrying Sumit and starting a new life with him.

Jenny found out about the heartbreaking news when she was confronted by Sumit’s father-in-law, Sumit’s wife and the rest of Sumit’s family members at the apartment they had been living together at for several weeks. It seemed like Jenny learning about Sumit’s betrayal would be the end of their relationship, but he was not ready to give up.

He made it clear he wanted to still be with Jenny and was willing to divorce his wife in order to do so. Jenny was also willing to forgive him under the condition that he would leave his wife.

But that posed a problem for the couple’s living arrangements. Jenny gave up everything behind in America to move to India to be with Sumit. She was only allowed to stay in the country for about three months legally on her visa, and she planned to marry Sumit before her visa expired so that she could be able to stay in India legally as Sumit’s wife. Since he was already legally married to another woman, Jenny had no choice but to return to the United States after the end of season 1.

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Courtesy of Jenny Slatten/Instagram

In August 2019, Jenny was spotted at Walmart in Hemet, California, which is about an hour away from her hometown of Palm Springs. A fan recognized her and snapped a selfie with the reality star. The sighting confirmed that she was living in America again.

Jenny and Sumit still continued their long-distance relationship. While they were apart, Sumit started the divorce proceedings. When they returned for season 2, they documented her second trip to India as they hoped to get married this time.

Sumit’s divorce was finalized shortly after Jenny arrived in India, but they still faced the obstacle of Sumit’s parents, Sahna and Anil. They refused to accept Sumit’s relationship with Jenny and Sumit did not want to marry Jenny against their wishes. He remained hopeful that they would eventually give them their blessing.

On the November 22 episode, Sumit and Jenny sat down with Anil and Sahna to once again ask them to give them their blessing to marry. Things got so heated that Sahna threatened to commit suicide if Sumit went forward with his plans to marry Jenny. They came to an agreement: if Sumit promised not to marry Jenny, his parents would accept them living together as a couple.

90 day fiance the other way are jenny sumit still together
Courtesy of Sumit Singh/Instagram

By the time they returned for an update on discovery+’s 90 Day Bares All, things had not improved between Jenny and Sumit and Sahna and Anil. In the episode that aired on January 17, Jenny revealed she had been living in India with Sumit for a year.

“When the pandemic hit, they shut the borders, then no flights in, no flights out. So I just apply for an extension every month. So that’s the way I’ve been doing it, every month, new extension,” Jenny said, sharing an update on her visa status. “My visa can expire and if they don’t want to extend it, that’s when I’m probably going to have to leave the country.”

When host Shaun Robinson asked why they hadn’t gotten married yet, Jenny said, “Sumit doesn’t seem to want to separate from his family, so …”

Shaun asked if Jenny will be satisfied with her relationship with Sumit as a live-in couple even without getting married. “No,” Jenny said.

As of January 2021, it seems Jenny and Sumit are still together and still living in India, but it’s unclear if they are married.

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