Are 90 Day Fiancé stars Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh still together? The couple brought major drama on season 1 of The Other Way and delivered one of the most shocking twists in franchise history when Jenny learned about Sumit’s big secret: he was married to another woman in an arranged marriage set up by his parents, but he really wanted to be with Jenny. When the international flames returned for season 2, they were dedicated to fighting for their love and for their right to be together despite all of the obstacles that stood in their way. By season 3, their love story stalled as Sumit had hesitations about marrying Jenny. While the couple finally made it down the aisle in a secret ceremony, the challenges of marriage had only just begun. The pair have since graduated to continue to document their roller-coaster romance on the spinoffs Happily Ever After?and 90 Day Diaries. Keep reading to find out everything we know about Jenny and Sumit’s current relationship status.

How Did Jenny and Sumit Meet?

Sumit and Jenny met online a decade ago in 2011, but their relationship started off on the wrong foot because Sumit catfished Jenny with photos of a different man under the name “Michael Jones.” When he eventually came clean to Jenny after four months of talking online, she was already in love with him and willing to look past the catfishing. In 2013, Jenny visited Sumit and his family in India for four months and they planned to get married. However, Sumit’s family did not approve of their relationship.

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Sumit Parent’s Arranged a Marriage for Him While Jenny Was Away

After Jenny returned to the United States, they arranged for Sumit to be married to another woman. Sumit got married but never revealed the big news to Jenny and kept their long-distance engagement going. When Jenny left everything behind in America to be with him in 2019, she thought she would be marrying Sumit and starting a new life with him.

Jenny found out about the heartbreaking news when she was confronted by Sumit’s father-in-law, Sumit’s wife and the rest of Sumit’s family members at the apartment they had been living together at for several weeks. It seemed like Jenny learning about Sumit’s betrayal would be the end of their relationship, but he was not ready to give up.

The married man made it clear he wanted to still be with Jenny and was willing to divorce his wife in order to do so. Jenny was also willing to forgive him under the condition that he would leave his wife.

But that posed a problem for the couple’s living arrangements. Jenny left everything behind in America to move to India to be with Sumit. She was only allowed to stay in the country for about three months legally on her visa, and she had planned to marry Sumit before her visa expired so that she could be able to stay in India legally as Sumit’s wife. Since he was already legally married to another woman, Jenny had no choice but to return to the United States after the end of season 1.

In August 2019, Jenny was spotted at Walmart in Hemet, California, which is about an hour away from her hometown of Palm Springs. A fan recognized her and snapped a selfie with the reality star, confirming that she was living in America again.

Jenny and Sumit Returned for Season 2 of ‘The Other Way’

Jenny and Sumit still continued their long-distance relationship. While they were apart, Sumit started his divorce proceedings. When they returned for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2, the couple documented Jenny’s second trip to India as they hoped to get married this time.

Sumit’s divorce was finalized shortly after Jenny arrived in India, but they still faced the obstacle of Sumit’s parents, Sahna and Anil. They refused to accept Sumit’s relationship with Jenny and Sumit did not want to marry Jenny against their wishes. He remained hopeful that they would eventually give them their blessing.

In a November 2020 episode, Sumit and Jenny sat down with Anil and Sahna to once again ask them to give them their blessing to marry. Things got so heated that Sahna threatened to commit suicide if Sumit went forward with his plans to marry Jenny. They came to an agreement: if Sumit promised not to marry Jenny, his parents would accept them living together as a couple.

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The Pandemic Shut Down Borders

By the time they returned for an update on discovery+’s 90 Day Bares All, things had not improved between Jenny and Sumit and Sahna and Anil. In the episode that aired in January 2021, Jenny revealed she had been living in India with Sumit for a year.

“When the pandemic hit, they shut the borders, then no flights in, no flights out. So I just apply for an extension every month. So that’s the way I’ve been doing it, every month, new extension,” Jenny said, sharing an update on her visa status. “My visa can expire and if they don’t want to extend it, that’s when I’m probably going to have to leave the country.”

When host Shaun Robinson asked why they hadn’t gotten married yet, Jenny said, “Sumit doesn’t seem to want to separate from his family, so …”

Shaun asked if Jenny will be satisfied with her relationship with Sumit as a live-in couple even without getting married. “No,” Jenny said.

Jenny and Sumit Returned for Season 3 of ‘The Other Way’

Jenny and Sumit continued to share their journey on season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. On the season premiere in August 2021, the couple revealed they were still living together in India — but there was a big problem. Jenny was nearing the limit of how many times she could apply for an extension on her visa. If the government denied her extensions, she would have to return to the United States.

The couple consulted with an immigration lawyer, who explained their options. Since Jenny had a 10 year tourist visa at the time, she could stay in the country for up to six months, leave but then return for another six months. The couple could then travel together to a nearby country with open borders to Indian and American travelers, stay there for an extended vacation and then reenter India to restart Jenny’s six-month living period in India. Another option would be for Jenny to apply for a missionary visa as a Hare Krishna devotee, but it would take several years for her to reach devotee status in the religious movement. The best option for Jenny to remain in India permanently was for her to marry Sumit, but Sumit didn’t seem ready to go through with their wedding because his parents still did not approve of Jenny.

At his brother’s baby shower — which Jenny was not invited to because his parents don’t consider her to be a part of their family — Sumit announced that he and Jenny were engaged. His mother, Sahna, took the news so hard that she got up and walked away. During an October 2022 episode, Sumit explained to Jenny the root of his mother’s anger toward their relationship.

Sumit said that he had a sister who was about a year and a half younger than him, but she passed away at 8 months old due to jaundice. Since then, Sahna felt that she would be able to gain a daughter when her sons married. Sahna was very close with Sumit’s ex-wife, as they would talk regularly and spend time together. When Sumit divorced his ex, it was another loss for Sahna. Sumit and Jenny decided that it would be best to find a couples counselor as well as a family counselor to get professional help so they can be able to move forward in a healthy way.

Did Jenny and Sumit Get Married?

After nearly 10 years together, Jenny and Sumit finally made it down the aisle in 2021. The TLC couple’s intimate ceremony played out during a November 2021 episode of The Other Way

Jenny and Sumit opted not to tell his parents about their choice to wed until after they were married.

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Courtesy of TLC

Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together?

Following their wedding, Jenny and Sumit graduated to continue on the spinoff, Happily Ever After?. The pair finally made it down the aisle, but the journey has just begun for the newlyweds. 

While Sumit’s parents became aware of the marriage, they refused to acknowledge their union. Apart from the usual challenges with Sumit’s relatives, TLC teased the couple’s 33-year age gap would also come into play as the pair realize “their visions for married life may not be compatible.”

Will Jenny and Sumit Move to America?

During the October 30, 2022, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Sumit and Jenny failed to see eye to eye when it came to where they should live. While Jenny said she wants to move to back to America, Sumit admitted he’s not thrilled with the idea.

When the pair argued over the long hours Sumit was working, he explained in a confessional that he hoped to “make more money so we can live a good life here in India and forget about going to America.”

After expressing that she’s lonely in India, Jenny said in a confessional, “Honestly, if this is what Sumit wants our lives to be like I’d rather be home in America with friends and family where I’m comfortable. I would definitely feel less helpless.”

“If we go back to America, I won’t feel so all alone,” she added. “Maybe it’s time for Sumit to make some compromises because I’m sick of being the one that does all the compromising.”

Later in the episode, Sumit to his friend Rohit that he can’t move to America and leave his parents behind in India. “I cannot just even think about it,” he said. “There’s no way I can go and ship to America and live a peaceful life without thinking about my parents.”

“I don’t want to go to America,” Sumit explained in a confessional. “I know my life is here. We are living a better life here. The most important thing, I feel like if I go to America then I’m gonna lose my family for good. I’ll lose my friends … I’ll lose a life that I wanted.”

Do Jenny and Sumit Want Children Together?

During a December 2022 episode, Sumit revealed to Jenny that he hopes to have children with her in the next few years. 

“I will be 35 by two years and maybe I’ll start thinking about having kids,” he said while explaining his hesitations about moving to America. “We might adopt someone by 35. Then, I want to have them in India.”

Jenny then expressed her confusion in a confessional, noting that they previously agreed that having children together was off the table. “First of all, we’ve talked about this since we met over 10 years ago that this can’t happen. It’s been understood this whole entire time,” she said. “So how come all of a sudden now when he wants to have a kid when it was never — I mean, I’m shocked.”

While talking to Sumit, Jenny asked why he would marry her knowing that she was done having children. 

He explained that his own family’s strained dynamic has changed his thoughts on having children. “When I think about family, and my parents, and how to just make them happy, how to win their love back and everything — they said, like, ‘You cannot have kids,’” Sumit said. “Because if I have a kid, then, might be they will be happy. ‘Okay, now you have somebody to take care of you.'”

The TV personality added, “And if I have a kid, I want my family to be with that [kid].”

Have Sumit’s Parents Accepted His Relationship With Jenny?

Anil and Sahna revealed they finally gave their blessing for Sumit and Jenny’s relationship during a January 2024 episode of 90 Day Diaries.

“A lot has changed. We’re all together again,” Sumit’s father explained about their new dynamic with Jenny and Sumit. “We’re happy and laughing. It’s a good thing.”

His parents continued to open up about their new perspective in a confessional. “Earlier, it was a different time for both of us,” Sumit’s father said. “The earlier thinking has gradually changed. When you face many things, and talk to many people, you realize that you cannot change everything in life. You have to accept it as it is.”

Sumit’s mother added that she “has accepted” Jenny and that she’s “happy” that they’re “happy.”

Jenny also weighed in on her improved relationship with her in-laws, stating that she was “very grateful” to be on good terms with them. “All I can say is thank you so much for finally, finally loving me. I know I love you guys,” she added.

“I’ve been fighting for love — love of my life and love of my family — all together since a long time,” Sumit said, noting that he was proud of how far they have come.

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