Did wedding bells ring for Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh? 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans were left on a cliffhanger during the season 2 finale when the couple revealed they would no longer get married after receiving pushback from Sumit’s parents.

The Sunday, November 29 finale picked up where the last episode left off, during a tense and dramatic scene with Sumit, 32, his parents and Jenny in the couple’s living room. Sumit’s parents, mom Sahna Singh and dad Anil Singh, refused to give their son permission to marry Jenny, 62, because of their 30-year age difference.

90 day fiance are jenny and sumit married
Courtesy of Sumit Singh/Instagram

“Do you like this young kid? A son, younger than your daughter? You have a relationship with him? Shame. Shame, shame,” Sahna said during her confrontation with Jenny.

The California native insisted that age shouldn’t matter because she loves Sumit. “I am begging you, Jenny. Leave my son alone!” Sahna pleaded. Sumit insisted he would not back down from their plans to marry.

“I will never, ever let you marry her! I’m going to commit suicide right here, right now, if you marry her. I swear on you,” Sahna threatened.

In his confessional, Sumit said he wasn’t sure if his mother was serious or not, but he didn’t want to be the reason for his mother’s death. He told his mother he will not marry Jenny if it means she would kill herself. But he refused to send Jenny back to America and told his father he would figure out a way for Jenny to obtain citizenship in India.

90 day fiance sumit parents dont approve jenny
Courtesy of @sumitjenny/Instagram

He asked his parents to compromise “50/50”: he would agree not to marry Jenny if his parents would agree to allow him to stay with her as a live-in couple. Anil agreed, and after some coaxing, Sahna agreed as well.

After Anil and Sahna left, Sumit told Jenny about the agreement he made with his parents. “I understand why we can’t get married now because of what your mother said. But how sad. Like, our whole relationship is just done,” Jenny responded, but Sumit said their love story wasn’t over.

Jenny’s visa would expire in three weeks and Sumit vowed to her that he will find another way for her to legally be allowed to stay in India by finding someone who would sponsor her in the country. “We’ll live together and I’ll keep on trying,” Sumit promised.

This trip marked the third time Jenny visited Sumit in India and she told him if she leaves, she would not be coming back for the fourth time. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, she was allowed to file for an extension on her visa. The couple celebrated by enjoying a picnic together, where Sumit presented her with a “promise ring” as a sign of his commitment.

While it’s unclear if Jenny and Sumit have been able to convince his parents to allow them to get married, it seems the couple is still very much still together.

On November 21, Jenny celebrated her 62nd birthday. Her daughter Christina shared a sweet tribute while hinting that her mom is still in India with Sumit, “H A P P Y BIRTHDAY to the most stylish, fabulous, fun, loving, caring, giving mom I could have ever asked for. I miss you so much but my heart is content because you are happy. I love you till the wheels fall off [face blowing a kiss emojis].”

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