At last! Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh finally made it to the altar after nearly a decade of being together during the highly anticipated 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way finale. 

Fans got to witness the couple get married in his native country of India on the Sunday, November 28, episode, a moment that viewers have waited to see since the formerly long-distance pair first appeared on the TLC franchise. 

90 Day Jenny and Sumit
Courtesy Jenny and Sumit/Instagram

“Today is my wedding day and I’m getting married, woo!” Jenny said in her confessional ahead of the ceremony. “I didn’t think it would ever happen but we’re finally here, and I’m so happy and so excited.”

In the days leading up to their union, however, it seemed questionable if they were going to go through with it. At the start of the episode, Jenny had threatened to move back to America after she found out that he previously stopped their marriage application from being processed and didn’t tell her. 

Sumit confessed that he was getting cold feet, but he had a change of heart after spending time away from her at a family gathering. The TV personality said he later realized his fear of marriage is not as big as the fear of losing Jenny, so he immediately called the lawyer to tell him to submit the marriage application. 

The day before their wedding, Jenny got a Henna tattoo done in honor of the traditional ceremony and informed her friend about a dilemma they were facing. “We weren’t planning on getting married in a temple because the astrologer told us not to,” she vented to her pal. “But things have taken a turn, a few days ago I got an email that my visa won’t be extended, so we don’t have 30 days to wait for the court marriage. We need to get married right away.” 

Plus, after all the turmoil they had gone through with his parents, Anil and Sahna, Jenny and Sumit opted not to tell his mom and dad about their choice to wed right away and instead decided they would wait until they were married. 

As the big moment got closer, Jenny admitted she was starting to feel some nerves. 

“In India, the brides are usually in their early 20s,” she told the cameras. “You know, it’s not the norm to be an older bride. This is just not normal so I’m still feeling a little apprehensive and a little embarrassed because I’m worried that I’m gonna look ridiculous.”

When Sumit laid his eyes upon her on their wedding day, he reminded her that she looked gorgeous, which made her emotional and even more excited to become his bride. 

Sumit and Jenny Get Married
Courtesy Jenny and Sumit/Instagram

Sumit said he felt somewhat guilty for not telling his parents ahead of time, but he didn’t want them to stop it. “I know they will be angry, but I love this lady and I want to marry her. I will be happy. This is what I choose for myself,” he shared. “I’m so happy and so glad that I’m going to get Jenny, and we’re going to be life partners for sure.”

Jenny and Sumit were both over the moon after making it official, with him admitting how much he enjoyed their intimate ceremony a lot more in comparison to his first wedding with nearly 5,000 guests.

“I know this is kind of a cliché, but today is absolutely the happiest day of my life,” Jenny shared in their joint confessional, as he chimed in with, “My life too.”

“We don’t know what our future holds. Only thing that we know is that we’re happy together and we’re living our life the way that we want to,” she continued. “We made it. That’s all I can say, is man, we made it.”

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