It’s about to go down. Season 2 of TLC’s hit reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is going on a hiatus, and the midseason trailer teases all of the drama fans can expect to see when the show comes back on air on October 11. Keep scrolling below to find out the most shocking moments from the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way sneak peek!

Did Jihoon cheat on Deavan?

The 23-year-old Utah native teased fans will get to learn about the “horrible” reason she moved back to America after relocating to South Korea to be with her husband, and it looks like she’s right. In one scene, Deavan asks Jihoon if he’s ever cheated on her.

“I just wonder if there’s more going on that I don’t know,” she said in a confessional.

90 day fiance the other way midseason trailer

Later in the season, fans will also watch as Deavan navigated the coronavirus pandemic as it hit South Korea. In another scene, Deavan, Jihoon, Deavan’s daughter from a previous relationship, Drascilla, and the couple’s infant son, Taeyang, could be seen wearing protective face masks.

“I don’t know what to do,” Deavan said into a hand-held camera as she broke down in tears. “I don’t want to be here.”

Ariela gives birth in an emergency C-section

The New Jersey native learned she will have to deliver her baby, whom she shares with Ethiopian boyfriend Biniyam, early via a C-section. When asked when the C-section will be, the nurse replied, “Today.”

The scene then cut to Ariela in the delivery room, crying as they prepare her for birth. “I’m not ready,” she said as she sobbed.

90 day fiance ariela mom warns biniyam ex girlfriend

After the baby’s birth, Ariela also experienced tension between her and Biniyam’s sisters over religion. Since Ariela is Jewish, she would have to be baptized in his religion in order to be able to baptize their son. Biniyam’s sisters urged Ari to agree to the baptism, or the baby would “go to hell.”

“You’re going to let your sisters talk to me like this?” Ari asked Biniyam. “You act like his ex now, I swear,” one of his sisters hit back. “That’s really f–ked up,” Ariela said.

In another scene, Biniyam and Ari spoke in private. When he asked her what was wrong, Ari responded, “It’s my baby.”

Why Did Biniyam First Wife Leave 90 Day Fiance Star Explains
Courtesy Biniyam/Instagram

The drama between Ari and Biniyam’s family seemed to be enough to make her doubt whether she wanted to stay in Ethiopia. “I don’t have anyone here I can talk to,” she said in another clip, as she cried. “I just wanna go home.”

Yazan’s father seemingly threatens his life

After Yazan’s strict Muslim family finally came around to his relationship with Brittany, things really went south. The Palm Beach native left Jordan to return to America for a brief trip, and it seemed to cause tension between her and Yazan.

“What I doing [sic] with you? What I doing? [sic],” Yazan yelled during a video call with Brittany. She warned him to “act right,” then vented to a friend in a following scene. “He thinks he’s gonna give me an ultimatum, but I’m gonna give his ass an ultimatum. He’s not the king of Jordan,” she said.

It looked like they were able to work out their own relationship issues as they faced another obstacle head-on. Cameras captured a conversation between Brittany and Yazan where he told his girlfriend he had to be “careful” and that the situation he was in was “dangerous.”

It then cut to Yazan’s father telling the camera, “I swear, tell Yazan I will be his murderer.” Since it’s unclear why Yazan seemed to be at odds with his dad, Brittany decided to meet with some of Yazan’s extended family members to understand what is going on.

90 Day Fiance Star Yazan Gives Brittany 3 Days to Convert to Islam

“There are people who genuinely hate him now and they might decide to kill him,” a relative told Brittany about Yazan as she started to cry.

Sumit says he won’t give up his family for Jenny

Fans will get to see the outcome of Sumit’s meeting with his parents, where he planned to try to convince them to accept his relationship with Jenny. It seemed like the India native’s parents still don’t approve of Jenny because of their nearly 30-year age gap, and the Palm Springs native told Sumit she wouldn’t ask him to give up his relationship with his family for her.

90 day fiance sumit parents dont approve jenny
Courtesy of @sumitjenny/Instagram

“I’m not gonna give up, even if you ask,” Sumit told Jenny. “So are you sure I’m who you want to be with?” Jenny asked.

Armando and Kenny denied the right to get married

After seemingly getting the cold shoulder from Armando’s father when he tried to introduce Kenny, the couple were still willing to go through with their wedding without his blessing. But they hit a snag as their marriage license seemed to be denied because they are a same-sex couple.

90 day fiance kenneth armando
Courtesy of Kenneth Niedermeier/Instagram

“We have had a number of same-sex marriages here, but we have to give you a negative answer,” a clerk told Kenny and Armando.

Did Melyza cheat on Tim?

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta
Courtesy Tim Clarkson/Instagram

“I would like to know if you’ve been having sex with somebody,” Tim told Melyza during a heated discussion. “What for?” Melyza responded. “For my own sanity,” he hit back. “I don’t think I need to tell you that,” she said.

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