Family drama. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Sumit learned his parents still don’t approve of his relationship with Jenny because of their 29-year age gap. During the Monday, August 3 episode, Jenny and Sumit met with his brother, Amit, to see if he would help convince their parents to accept Jenny into their family.

“If we can get his brother on our side, that’s great for us, it’s a win because we need someone to get in there and start working on the parents,” Jenny, 61, said in her confessional.

The Palm Springs, California native admitted she was nervous because the last time she saw Amit was the day she returned to the United States after her last trip to visit Sumit, 32, in India — when she learned Sumit was secretly married. “He came with the whole family when they took Sumit away. That was horrible. The worst day of my life,” she said.

Once Amit arrived, they exchanged small talk until they got down to business. Sumit asked Amit if he tried to talk to their parents on Sumit’s behalf. “Yes, of course,” Amit told his brother. “But still, they don’t want you guys to be together. I’m sorry for that, but the big thing is the age factor between you guys. This can impact our dignity, our social circle, and society.”

Even though Jenny understood that the age gap between her and Sumit was concerning for his parents, she didn’t understand why it was their main reason for not accepting their relationship. “It’s all, ‘But what will society say? But what will society think?’ It’s like, f—k your happiness.”

Jenny challenged Sumit’s parents’ reasoning to Amit. “His happiness is also important. He deserves to be happy like anyone else,” she said. “Don’t you want your brother to be happy too?”

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Amit said yes, and Sumit said he believes his brother and his parents truly do want him to be happy, but they also want themselves, society, their extended family and others to be happy as well. Amit told his brother and Jenny that he respects Jenny and Sumit’s feelings, but he doesn’t want to upset his parents or make them feel bad.

“Well, how [do we] fix this thing? Because I’m not going anywhere, obviously I’m here, so,” Jenny said. Amit then offered a solution. “Why don’t you come home and meet mom and dad?” he asked. “I’m saying, give it a try.”

Sumit didn’t think talking with his parents would be a good idea, since he’s tried in the past and it ended with a tense fight between them. “If they’re not listening then why would I?” Sumit hit back.

Amit explained that having a conversation with their parents would be the only way to put a conclusion to their situation, no matter if the outcome is positive or negative. But a negative outcome is what Sumit is concerned about.

“If I’m going to meet my parents, I feel afraid, like, they will say that I need to choose [between] my parents or Jenny. I cannot just choose just one or another. Like, I’m loving Jenny, I will marry Jenny. And [at] the same time, I don’t want to lose my family,” Sumit explained in his confessional.

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Sumit told his brother he didn’t want to have a “torn” family, and Amit reassured him that he will talk to his parents again. “I only want one thing, just for everyone to be happy,” he said.

Fans will have to wait until next week to see if Jenny and Sumit will decide to meet with his parents.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs on TLC Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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