Coming clean. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Tim Clarkson is leaving behind his life in the United States to start a new one with girlfriend Melyza Zeta in her native country of Colombia. During the couple’s season 2 debut, the Texas resident revealed the real reason why he was relocating instead of Melyza is because he lost her trust by cheating on her.

“Last year, the distance between me and Melyza at that time was very difficult. I felt lonely and the girl that I ultimately cheated with was a coworker,” Tim, 34, said in a confessional during the Monday, June 29 episode. “It just started off as casual conversation and it got to the point where we did have a [full-on] intimate sexual encounter.”

90 day fiance tim cheated on melyza
Courtesy of Tim Clarkson/Instagram

Tim opened up to his friends about his affair and they were shocked by his admission. One pal asked if him leaving everything behind in America was his way of making up for his infidelity. “It’s not necessary to make up for it, it’s just that’s what made her say, ‘I’m not moving there anymore. I do not feel comfortable leaving my family,’” he explained.

Another pal asked if Melyza, 29, still trusts that Tim will be fully committed to her going forward in their relationship. “She’s gonna have those doubts. And if I’m ever going to gain her trust back, this is something I’ve got to do to prove my commitment to her and it’s going to be a long road,” he responded. “But she’s worth it.”

Tim started to get emotional as he opened up about his mistake. “I am hopeful that the things that I’m planning on doing will allow me to deserve her again. But I don’t want to belive or think that I do deserve her right now. I just gotta earn it,” he said as he started to cry.

“There’s no way that I expect her to trust me or believe me again, but everything that I’m doing right now, I’m genuine about. I genuinely want to do all of the right things to redeem myself and to just deserve her again,” he added in his confessional. “I really hope I get it right, man.”

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