Family drama. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Brittany got into an explosive fight with Yazan‘s parents on the Monday, July 9 episode after they felt she disrespected their son during a visit to their home in Jordan.

As soon as Brittany sat down, Yazan’s father asked when they planned to get married. He advised his son to speak with Brittany’s father to get his blessing that day so the next day, they could apply for their marriage license and get married. But Brittany told his parents she did not want to get married so quickly because she wanted her family to be able to attend their wedding.

Brittany and Yazan 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Season 2

In a previous episode, Brittany admitted she was lying to Yazan and his family. She told her beau and his parents she wanted to wait to tie the knot until her family could travel from America to Jordan for the ceremony, but the real reason is she has to wait until her divorce is finalized because she is still legally married to her estranged ex-husband.

Yazan’s parents were not happy when they learned Brittany wanted to wait until January to wed. His father then asked if Brittany had converted to Islam yet, which they would require her to do before marrying Yazan. Yazan told Brittany he would teach her slowly about Islam, “like a baby.”

“I wish you would stop saying that. I’m not a baby,” she told Yazan. “You’re my baby,” he responded. “No, I’m not,” she hit back.

Even though Yazan’s mother didn’t speak English, she understood the tension in their exchange and quickly got upset. “Explain to her that the women here, the Arabic ones, respect the husband. When he tells her she’s a baby, you say, ‘Yes, I am a baby.’ Not, ‘No.’ She doesn’t say no to him,” she said.

Yazan’s father then asked Brittany if she really wanted to marry their son and she said yes, and Yazan’s dad explained they would not accept their relationship unless they were married. He was also upset because Brittany was still on social media, which they did not approve of.

“Cancel all of this, cancel all the life you’ve been living, and you would marry Yazan and we’ll take good care of you,” his dad told Brittany. Brittany didn’t agree, and Yazan said by disagreeing with him, she was showing his family that she doesn’t respect him. Brittany said her family feels she was also being disrespected by Yazan, and that’s when his mother interjected.

“We respected you, and where is our respect?” Yazan’s mother told Brittany. “Yazan, tell her that the woman, this is how it is here. When a woman wants to get married, this is going to be her family. She has to forget her other family.”

Brittany said she didn’t understand, and Yazan’s mother lost her patience and started to raise her voice. “Brittany, that’s enough, dear. This can’t be like that! I’m not ready for my son to be 26 years old and to keep waiting for you! Yes or no? It’s been a year and we want to see him married and with kids.”


Yazan’s mother stood up and started yelling in Brittany’s face, “One time her excuse is the divorce papers, one time her excuse is her dad. Should I wait for her [for] five or 10 years?”

At that point, Yazan’s father started to get upset too. “And she’d stay in social media and they’ll say that your son’s fiancée is a prostitute!” he said.

Brittany started to cry and got up to leave. “Get out of my face!” Yazan’s mother yelled as Brittany walked out.

“I’m not from here, I don’t understand what’s going on, I can’t speak this language and I don’t know this culture,” Brittany said. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t born in Jordan, I’m sorry that I don’t know Islam, I’m sorry that I can’t speak Arabic, I’m sorry that I’m not good enough for Yazan.”

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