Rocky road? Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason have fans wondering about the status of their marriage after the former reality star was granted custody of her eldest son, Jace, in March 2023. Keep reading to find out if Jenelle and David are still together.

When Did Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle and David Meet?

After ending her engagement to ex Nathan Griffith, Jenelle moved on with David. The pair met on Tinder and made their relationship Instagram official in September 2015.  

One year later, the North Carolina couple announced they were expecting their first child together. Daughter Ensley Jolie Eason was born in January 2017. The following month, David asked the reality star to be his wife

“We’ve decided on forever! #PerfectTiming,” Jenelle announced via Instagram that February. They tied the knot in September 2017 at their home in Riegelwood, North Carolina

Did Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle and David Break Up?

While fans got to watch the couple’s relationship unfold on MTV, David was fired from the show after a string of homophobic messages posted via Twitter in 2018. The chaos continued after Jenelle accused her husband of breaking her collarbone during a tear-filled 911 call in October 2018. 

“My name is Jenelle Eason … and my husband, he just assaulted me,” she can be heard telling the dispatcher in a clip released by TMZ. “He pinned me down on the ground … in the yard and I think I heard my f–king collarbone crack. I can’t move my arm,” she said, adding that David had been drinking at the time of the alleged incident. 

Days after the ordeal, Jenelle told E! News that the whole thing was a “drunk and dramatic misunderstanding.”

“Everything is great…We are totally fine,” she said at the time. “We are feeling fine, just taking time off social media … to focus on ourselves and our family.”

Jenelle was let go from the long-running reality series in May 2019 and confirmed the couple’s split in October of that year. 

“The kids and I have moved away from David. Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I’ve filed papers to start that process,” she announced at the time. However, just five months later the pair decided to give their marriage another shot

Are Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle and David Still Together?

The 16 & Pregnant alum lated made a cameo appearance on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter in September 2022 where she vented about being “fed up” with her husband’s lack of income.

“Me and David, we haven’t been getting along lately. It’s been on and off,” she told former costar Briana DeJesus. “Everyone knows he doesn’t have a job. It’s like, I’m sitting here providing for everyone, for years, and it’s still the same!”  

She went on to add that she was “giving him a cold shoulder,” and that they had been communicating via text rather than talking in person. 

Three months later, Jenelle took to social media to call out her husband for blocking her phone number on December 11, 2022.

Are Jenelle and David Still Together?
Courtesy of David Eason/Facebook

The following week, the Read Between the Lines author seemingly accused him of ruining her birthday. 

“I don’t want to explain but just know that my birthday was ruined because of a narcissistic a–hole,” Jenelle wrote via Instagram Story. “My kids and Maryssa are the best, and I couldn’t have asked for better kids.”

On December 21, 2022, Jenelle took to TikTok to address split rumors. “I found the girl he left me for,” text onscreen read as she pointed to herself. “Putting rumors to rest,” she added while reposting the clip to Instagram.

In a following TikTok video, she responded to a fan that pointed out she previously accused David of ruining her birthday and called him a “narcissist.” Jenelle defended the past comment by stating that David “can be sometimes.”

She then addressed criticism that she has taken off her wedding band, explaining that she has stopped wearing the ring during arguments. “Depending on what you argue with your spouse about, it could be healthy or unhealthy,” Jenelle said. “For instance, our argument was about luggage.”

The former reality star later defended her marriage when one follower told her they “hoped this time, you kicked him out for good.”

“Because we argued about luggage?! Right,” Jenelle replied alongside a crying laughing face. “You have no idea.”

In an Instagram Story post shared on the same day, Jenelle admitted she always fears David will cheat on her when he leaves due to experiences from her past relationship. However, she insisted that her husband has never been unfaithful.

She also said that she’s guilty of bringing their personal issues onto social media. “It’s not a good thing to do,” Jenelle told her followers. “I gotta stop doing that.”

By March 2023, Jenelle and David had unfollowed each other on Instagram, which refueled split rumors. However, on March 18, the North Carolina native’s rep revealed to Us Weekly that the couple are still going strong.

Jenelle and David are definitely together and things between them are great They’re a happy family and they are completely fine,” according to the outlet.

Why Were ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason Feuding Online?

In August 2023, Jenelle revealed they were having more problems when she admitted she felt “stuck” in her marriage.

“Being around negative energy everyday all day is getting exhausting,” she wrote via Facebook on August 11, 2023. “I need to force myself to have friends because at this point I’m making myself introverted.”

David responded, “Yes get friends, give me space. I like to be alone!” The feud continued when Jenelle fired back, “If you like to be alone stop begging me to be around me.”

“I have gave you space when I went alone to the beach this weekend, doing my errands alone. It’s been amazing!” Jenelle added, with David stating, “Yea and when I give you space all hell breaks loose!”

Following the argument, the pair seemingly blocked each other on social media and none of David’s comments are currently visible on Jenelle’s posts.

Jenelle continued to discuss the situation when she told her fans “things have not been going [her] way lately” in a TikTok video. “But you know, having a little marital issues and bickering back and forth a lot lately for like a straight week and I like am really exhausted about it,” she stated. “Just trying to deal with everything as I can.”

The drama continued the following day when Jenelle claimed that David allegedly stole from her and hinted he cheated.

“You’re right David Eason, I have depression because of you. I’ve been mentioning my feelings to the public for a few days now,” Jenelle wrote via Facebook. “Stolen debit cards, name calling, buying every toy you want in life and asking for another motorcycle for weeks now, planning and paying for all family trips, having lots of ‘fun’ IN MY OWN HOUSE when I was in [Tennessee] (2019) that I pay for, not coming home until late hours, hearing ‘no one likes you, that’s why you don’t have friends’ on top of lots of other negative things, constantly pushing you off of me because I don’t want you to touch me.”

She continued, “The constant put down I receive everyday is distracting and would discourage anyone from focusing on their life, which I’m not going to let happen ever again. I’m sick of begging you to change and step up for the family. It’s time to start selling.”

The former reality star threw even more shade when she shared a post via Facebook on August 16, 2023, that read, “You know why kids don’t listen? It’s because their dad doesn’t listen either.”

Jenelle revealed that she and David seemed to work through their issues when they jetted off on a couple’s getaway on August 17, 2023. At the time, she took to her Instagram Stories to post a quick video of David driving through an In-n-Out parking lot. While she didn’t reveal exactly where they were, fans pointed out that there are no In-n-Out restaurants in North Carolina.

How Many Kids Does Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Have?

In addition to daughter Ensley, whom she shares with her husband, Jenelle is also mother to son Jace, born in August 2009, and son Kaiser – whom she shares with Nathan – born in June 2014. While Jace’s father is Jenelle’s high school boyfriend Andrew Lewis, he is raised by his grandmother Barbara Evans. In February 2023, however, rumors began circulating that Barbara might be handing over custody of Jace to Jenelle after more than a decade. One month later, Jenelle shared that she and Barbara “decided together” that she would take over custody of Jace.

However, Jace didn’t remain under their roof for long. After he ran away from their home three times and accused David of “assault,” he was placed back in Barbara’s custody. While Jenelle denied her eldest son’s claims, David was charged with misdemeanor child abuse and was indicted in January 2024.

Jace’s problems continued when he ran away from Barbara’s home in November 2023, and he was placed in Child Protective Services (CPS) care. However, Jenelle revealed that their CPS case had been dropped in February 2024.

Jenelle is also stepmom to David’s kids Maryssa and Kaden from previous relationships. 

Jenelle Filed to Separate From David

Shortly after their CPS case was dropped, Jenelle and David sparked split rumors by changing their Facebook relationship statuses to “separated” and unfollowing each other on Instagram. Then, Jenelle filed for legal separation from David on February 23, 2024, The U.S. Sun reported. She listed their date of separation as February 16 “with the intent that the separation be permanent.” Jenelle cited David’s “erratic” behavior, “substance abuse” issues and his refusal to work as the reasons for their split.

“Throughout the duration of the marriage of the parties, the defendant has exhibited concerning and at times disturbing behavior towards the plaintiff,” she stated in the paperwork.

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