We all know the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise all like to promote brands, like Blue Apron, on their social media. But there are other ways the stars like to earn a little extra income outside of those MTV checks. That's right, we're talking about their many side hustles. Because none of the moms (or the husbands) have average 9-5 jobs, they all fill their schedules with an odd assortment of side gigs. And we're not exaggerating when we say "odd." Farrah Abraham, for example, went from selling sex toys and writing erotic novels to owning a frozen yogurt shop. "I just really love business," Farrah said back in 2016.

However, as much as we love strong entrepreneurial women, Farrah's businesses aren't doing too well, at least judging by the Yelp reviews. "The store could use a nice cleaning, sweeping, and wiping tables," a customer wrote about her froyo shop. "Worst furniture store I've ever been to," another one wrote about her furniture business. Oh well, they're called "side hustles" for a reason (plus, they can always fall back on those MTV checks). Below, see what the rest of the Teen Mom ladies are doing on the side.