There seems to be trouble in paradise for Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, as the former reality star opens up about feeling “stuck” in her marriage. 

“Being around negative energy everyday all day is getting exhausting. I need to force myself to have friends because at this point I’m making myself introverted,” Jenelle, 31, shared via Facebook on Friday, August 11, adding the hashtag, “Morning Thoughts.” 

Jenelle’s remarks were received with mixed opinions from fans and followers, but that did not stop the couple from battling it out in the comments section

“But you stay with him,” one fan wrote to which Jenelle responded, “Cuz I’m stuck.”

David, 35, chimed in writing, “Yes get friends, give me space. I like to be alone!” to which Jenelle responded, “If you like to be alone stop begging me to be around me.”

“I have gave you space when I went alone to the beach this weekend, doing my errands alone. It’s been amazing!” the 16 & Pregnant alum continued, before David wrote, “Yea and when I give you space all hell breaks loose!”

After multiple fans urged Jenelle to leave David – whom she married in 2017the North Carolina native responded saying, “So yeah, let me just leave and pay for 2 houses now and let a man live rent free? Nah,” adding that she is unsure if she is still in love with her husband.

“Oh so now you’re gonna act like I don’t make money or pay for anything? Nice, you prove my point repeatedly…” David responded.

It’s unclear what caused the couple’s argument, but Jenelle claimed he’s “just mean as faq.”

This is far from the first time the pair have aired their dirty laundry on the internet, however. Last year, Jenelle accused her longtime partner of ruining her birthday by taking to social media to call him out for blocking her phone number.

Are Jenelle Evans and Husband David Eason Still Together?
Courtesy of Jenelle Evans/Instagram

On December 21, 2022, two days after her birthday, Jenelle took to TikTok to address the ongoing split rumors. “I found the girl he left me for,” text onscreen read as she pointed to herself. “Putting rumors to rest,” she added while reposting the clip to Instagram.

In a follow-up TikTok video, she responded to a fan who questioned how David ruined her birthday and why she called him a “narcissist.” Jenelle defended the past comment by stating that David “can be sometimes.”

She then addressed criticism that she has taken off her wedding band, explaining that she has stopped wearing the ring during arguments. “Depending on what you argue with your spouse about, it could be healthy or unhealthy,” Jenelle said. “For instance, our argument was about luggage.”

The former reality star later defended her marriage when one follower told her they “hoped this time, you kicked him out for good.” “Because we argued about luggage?! Right,” Jenelle replied sarcastically, adding, “You have no idea.”

The pair briefly separated in 2019, just months after Jenelle was fired by MTV.

“The kids and I have moved away from David. Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I’ve filed papers to start that process,” she announced at the time. However, just five months later the pair decided to give their marriage another chance

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