For the first time in Married at First Sight history, season 17 featured a “runaway bride.” While the premise of the controversial experiment is that willing singles get married sight unseen after being carefully matched by relationship experts, one Denver bride decided to not go through with her wedding after meeting her future husband at the altar.

Lifetime fans have been following the season 17 couples throughout the ups and downs of their marriages and are curious about which ones are still together after Decision Day.

Are Emily and Brennan Still Together?

EMily brennan mafs

Season 17 star Emily described herself as the “life of the party” and had never been in a relationship before getting married on the series. Meanwhile, Brennan was a software consultant from New York, who was looking for someone who had the same ambitions as him.

“They are two ambitious and adventurous individuals with successful careers, vibrant social lives, and strong values that we believe align perfectly,” resident expert Pastor Cal Roberson said during the October 18 premiere. “Even though Emily’s never been in a serious relationship, we’re confident she’s ready to be the supportive and longing partner that Brennan longs for.”

Fans were initially unsure of the season 17 couple — calling out Emily on social media for telling her husband at her wedding reception that she did body shots with the strippers at her bachelorette party — and they were right.

Emily and Brennan struggled to escalate their relationship romantically, but an ATV accident at the couples’ retreat would bring them closer. Their marriage seemingly ends in divorce according to MAFS fan account, MAFSFan.

Are Clare and Cameron Still Together?

cameron clare mafs

Cameron is originally from New Zealand and hoped the experiment would help him create his own family away from his relatives overseas.

The experts felt Clare had the family aspect that Cameron craved as she was born as a quadruplet and was very close to her parents. In turn, Clare wanted someone who could take her “out of her comfort zone” and help her be a little more spontaneous.

Clare and Cameron seemed like a good match on paper; however, the duo had issues finding the spark in their marriage. After realizing they had differing views on raising kids, religion and showing affection, the pair opted for divorce only 31 days into their marriage.

Are Becca and Austin Still Together?

becca and austin mafs

During the October 2023 premiere, fans met Becca, who was a bubbly, pink-haired wedding photographer and Austin, “a typical Colorado native” who dreamed of a classic white picket fence life.

The MAFS experts felt Becca and Austin would be a great match as Becca would “bring the fun side” out of Austin while he offered “a great deal of emotional intelligence.”

The expert panel was correct as Becca and Austin found immediate sparks upon their first meeting on their wedding day.

“The chemistry between Becca and Austin is palpable,” one fan tweeted on X after their nuptials. “Wish them luck on this journey.”

Despite fans having a lot of hope for his match, this couple’s journey is speculated to end in divorce, according to MAFSFan.

Are Orion and Lauren Still Together?

orion and lauren mafs

Lauren is a budget officer for the federal government who was looking for someone as “hopeful and faithful and crazy” as her. As for Orion, he was someone who wore his heart on his sleeve and was out to find “everlasting love.”

The experts felt Lauren’s “loving and adventurous nature” would be a great match for Orion, who was “ready to dive into the depths of a relationship.”

While the season 17 couple found fireworks at their wedding, by the honeymoon, the cracks started to show.

The MAFS couple got into their first major argument during the November 15, 2023, episode after the government worker joked about not understanding the significance behind the racial slur “redskin.”

“I don’t even know what ‘redskin’ means, honestly,” Lauren said before joking that she did because she just looked at his face, hinting at his sunburn. Despite her sincere apology, Orion took the statement very offensively and admitted he was a “little heated” about the conversation.

“Growing up, you know, what came from my elders and my mom was just, ‘You don’t say that,’ you know?” he explained to his wife. “You just don’t do it because it minimizes who you are. And then, you know, making a joke out of the pain, I would say my cultural background has a very different approach.”

Orion later asked Lauren during the November 22, 2023, episode about the last time she had sex, to which she honestly replied, “Two months probably to the day.”

The MAFS groom was visibly uncomfortable before admitting the revelation “took sex off the table” for him.

The conversation would lead to a bigger argument, where Orion admitted he lost all romantic attraction for Lauren and asked for a divorce.

Does Michael Get Remarried After ‘Runaway Bride’?


For the first time in 17 seasons, fans watched as Michael’s bride decided not to get married after meeting him for the first time at the altar.

As his bride walked down the aisle, she was only seen from behind, with the cameras hiding her identity. “I see her. She’s extremely beautiful,” the senior project manager said as he laid eyes on her.

However, after making their first introductions, the never-identified woman says, “I don’t think I can do this,” before the ceremony abruptly ends in everyone’s shock.

While his runaway bride’s identity was never shown onscreen, In Touch confirmed that Micheal married Chloe Brown in March 2023, nearly six weeks after the original four MAFS Denver couples were married in late January.

Michael was speculated to have been matched by the MAFS experts to a woman named Chloe; however, it was initially unclear if she was the “runaway bride.”

Chloe made her debut during the January 10, 2024, episode and revealed why she signed up for the unusual way of finding love.

“If you asked me in my early 20s what I wanted in a man, what I wanted then and what I want now are two completely different things,” the new bride explained. “I have an opportunity to do something I’ve never imagined in my life doing ever, really thinking about being married at first sight!”

Are Michael and Chloe Still Together?

Married at First Sight Chloe and Michael

Chloe and Michael finally met during the January 24, 2024, episode of the series and unlike his “runaway bride,” the pair ended up tying the knot in front of their other cast members.

Shortly after their ceremony, Michael opened up to his new bride about his previous experience of trying to marry someone sight unseen, assuring her that he was ready for their new chapter.

“Our journey is our journey, and I don’t want you to think that you’re receiving a broken man,” he said. Chloe seemed to be compassionate to the situation, telling him, “What is meant for us will never, ever, ever pass us.”

While the latest season 17 match was seemingly on a good path when it came to their marriage, shortly after moving in together, Chloe asked for space and returned to her home.

“Being together all the time – we don’t have a chance to think. We don’t have a chance to feel,” Chloe told cameras during the February 21, 2024, episode. “And I’m this deeply introverted person who needs a lot of alone time and a lot of silence to feel like I am listening to my own needs.”

Chloe eventually returned “recharged” but their connection is speculated to have ended in divorce, according to fan account MAFSFan.

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