While Married at First Sight season 17 stars Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet weren’t a match made in heaven — choosing to divorce on Decision Day — it seems their split was messier than fans initially believed. After fellow groom Cameron accused Emily of cheating on Brennan, fans are curious if she was unfaithful during the marriage.

Did ‘MAFS’ Denver Star Emily Cheat on Brennan Before Decision Day?

Cameron accused Emily of cheating on Brennan during the March 13, 2024, Afterparty episode. The drama began after Cameron’s now estranged wife, Clare, and Emily suspected their husbands of going on a double date together, in turn, cheating on them during their marriage.

Cameron denied the accusations and told host Keshia Knight Pulliam that he had text messages from Clare “admitting the whole double date thing” was a lie.

“And that she was going to take down Brennan no matter what,” he claimed. “And when I begged her not to do this to Emily — I said, ‘Do you really want the whole thing of Emily cheating like, just being litigated over and over again? Because I think that’s where Brennan’s going to go. Turns out Brennan didn’t go there.”

The Cosby Show alum asked the bike shop owner to clarify his comment surrounding Emily’s infidelity as it had never been brought up before and he alleged she cheated during her marriage to Brennan.

Becca verified that Emily did step out of the marriage, with Cameron saying, “She was there.”

“[Emily] saw on [Brennan’s] iPad, there were girls messaging him on Instagram and all of this stuff,” Becca explained, noting that Brennan had “stonewalled” Emily during their relationship. “She gets angry, she goes out one night and there is an Australian guy flirting with her and she did make out with this Australian guy.”

What Was Emily’s Response to Cheating on Brennan?

In a screenshot captured by a fan account mafsfan on March 20, 2024, Emily cleared the air on the cheating allegations.

Did ‘MAFS’ Star Emily Cheat on Brennan Before Decision Day Her Response 1
Courtesy of mafsfan/Instagram

“I never hid the Australian, it was after Brennan left the marriage,” she allegedly wrote via her Instagram Stories. “Cam & Brennan never ‘protected’ me from disclosing that since I openly talked about it and took responsibility for it many times on camera before the pizza party.”

In another slide, the MAFS Denver star added, “In summary: Y’all are being manipulated just like the rest of us. So buckle up and join us in riding the mf wave. [sic]”

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