Married at First Sight has officially taken Denver for season 17 and after seeing singles Becca and Austin meet for the first time at the altar, fans had a lot of hope for successful marriages this season.

Despite the pair agreeing to continue their marriage after Decision Day, Lifetime viewers are curious if the newly married couple is still together after being rocked by a producer scandal.

Why Did the Experts Match Becca and Austin on ‘MAFS’?

Austin described himself as the “typical Colorado native” who loved the outdoors and took marriage “very seriously.”

“I’ve always wanted to get married and start a family and do that classic white picket fence life,” Austin told producers during the October 18, 2024, premiere. “I really want this to work out in a way that like, we stay together for.”

As for Becca, she’s a bubbly, pink-hair photographer who still plays “Nintendo 64 on a daily basis.” The business owner also revealed she has an autoimmune disorder that attacks her spine that she’s been dealing with since she was 19, which she says has affected her love life.

“I think when you live life with chronic pain, you often feel like a burden to other people because you can’t always do the same things that everyone else can,” Becca explained. “My biggest hope is that I find someone who does care about me and that I’m not a burden and that I bring more joy to their life than sadness or complication.”

'Married at First Sight' Season 17

The MAFS experts felt Becca and Austin would be a great match as Becca would “bring the fun side” out of Austin with her “spunky and vibrant “ personality.

“Meanwhile, Austin has a great deal of emotional intelligence. He is extremely driven and committed to making marriage work,” resident expert and sex therapist, Dr. Pia Holec, explained. “He is just an all-around good soul.”

What Is ‘MAFS’ Star Becca’s Job?

Becca is a wedding photographer who’s attended more than 260 ceremonies over the years.

“I’m a 30-something natural light photographer making my way through the cities of Denver & Chicago with a camera and serious love for 90’s music,” she detailed on her professional website. “I’m in love with my clients, pizza and my badass team of photographers.

What Is ‘MAFS’ Star Austin’s Job?

Austin works in sales as he likes to talk to people and has a “need to be social.”

What Problems Did ‘MAFS’ Stars Becca and Austin Face?

Despite seeming like the most compatible couple after the honeymoons, Becca and Austin’s relationship quickly hit obstacles as the pair soon realized their differing views on intimacy and relationship.

“I know Austin means well, and I know he is committed to me. But it’s difficult when you continue to initiate things and then continue to face rejection,” she told the other brides about the physical intimacy in their relationship during the January 31, 2024, episode. “I’m running out of ideas.”

Becca also claimed Austin cared too much about the “optics” of their relationship and felt he was a different person off camera.

What Happened With Austin and the ‘MAFS’ Producer?

While the duo ultimately agreed to give their marriage a fighting chance on Decision Day, they were soon rocked by a scandal involving a producer from the show.

After being informed by fellow brides Clare and Emily that they saw Austin hanging out with one of the show’s female producers, Becca confronted Austin during a group outing.

“Did you come into this experience for a friendship with a producer or for a marriage with me?” Becca asked her husband. Austin initially denied meeting with the producer but eventually confessed to hanging out in a group setting.

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Becca and Austin Still Together?

After finding out about Austin and the producer, Becca seemingly ended her relationship with him during the March 6, 2024, episode.

“I love Austin as a person, as a human who’s walking this planet. I think he makes the world a better place,” she explained in a confessional. “But I just have to, like, know when, like I’m not it for him. And I feel like the responsibility is on me to see that.”

Fans will have to tune into Married at First Sight on Lifetime on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. to see how Becca and Austin’s love story continues to play out.

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