Married at First Sight Denver star Michael Shiakallis Jr. married Chloe Brown after the franchise’s first “runaway bride” incident, In Touch can confirm.

According to legal documents viewed by In Touch, Michael and Chloe tied the knot on March 13, 2023, almost six weeks after the original four MAFS season 17 couples were married in late January.

Michael was rumored to be matched by the MAFS experts to a woman named Chloe; however, it was initially unclear if she was the season 17 cast member who has been nicknamed the “runaway bride” after unexpectedly deciding not to go through with her wedding to a stranger.

Fans watched in disbelief during the October 18 premiere of Married at First Sight as Michael stood in shock after his bride walked down the aisle only to tell him that she wasn’t going to marry him – the first time it ever happened in franchise history.

Prior to the ceremony starting, Michael admitted he was an “acquired taste” and revealed his “biggest fear” was his future wife not being attracted to him.

“I’m open to my woman having an input on designing me,” he told producers. “At the end of the day, I want my wife to be attracted to me and I want her to feel like, comfortable enough to give me that input.”

As Michael’s bride walked down the aisle, she was only seen from behind, with the cameras hiding her distinguishing features. “I see her. She’s extremely beautiful,” the senior project manager said as he laid eyes on her.

MAFS Denver’s Michael Married Chloe After ‘Runaway Bride’

Upon introducing themselves at the altar, the bride — who has yet to be identified — abruptly said, “I don’t think I can do this,” before the ceremony ended in everyone’s shock.

“That hurt,” the disappointed groom was heard saying before his loved ones rushed to comfort him.

Michael later reflected on the incident during the October 25 episode of MAFS: After Party, explaining that the rejection in front of his friends and family is what hurt him the most.

“I will admit, probably the thing that had frustrated me the most at the altar was like, did it really have to be this way. Like, you didn’t have to tell me up here [in front of everyone],” he told host Keshia Knight Pulliam. “Like seeing my friends and family and knowing that I brought you guys out here to celebrate with me, and you guys have been so supportive, and this is what ends up happening.”

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