Sharing her truth. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Deavan Clegg claimed cameras didn’t show everything that happened between her, husband Jihoon Lee and mother Elicia Clegg during a scary incident involving her daughter, Drascilla Clegg.

“Normally, I don’t explain an episode when something isn’t seen on camera. But it’s the fact that my mom is in tears right now that’s really upsetting because no one actually knows what happened because they didn’t catch it on camera what really happened and why we were upset,” the 23-year-old said via a since-deleted Instagram Live shortly after the episode aired on Monday, August 17.

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The Utah native explained fans saw footage from two separate incidents from that night, which were edited together. Fans saw the first time Drascilla, who was 3 years old at the time of filming, ran off after a game of tag. But Deavan claimed there was a second incident that happened right after filming wrapped up for the night. The aftermath of the second incident — which showed heated discussions between Jihoon, Deavan and Elicia — is what fans saw immediately after.

“So we had already had our microphones taken off. What really happened was cameras were just wrapping up, everything was getting put away, cameras were down,” Deavan explained. She was bringing their infant son, Taeyang, to the car because they were going to drive to pick something up. While she couldn’t remember the exact details of why they were going for a drive that night because it happened a year ago, she recalled the incident that led to a fight with her husband.

Deavan claimed Jihoon, 29, was playing a game on his phone when he was supposed to be watching Drascilla (Deavan’s daughter from a previous relationship) while Deavan was putting their son into his car seat. All of a sudden, Drascilla took off running down the street toward the playground where they had just visited.

“At this point, he was probably 10 feet ahead of me, I have the baby, it would’ve been faster for him to get her. I’m like, ‘Please go run after her, go get her, she’s running!’ As he’s running, he stops midway as a car is approaching Drascilla and he turns around and he starts screaming at me,” Deavan said. “I’m not gonna say exactly what he said, because I can’t remember. Like I said, it was over a year ago. But he was cursing at me. At this point, my mom witnesses a car basically coming at Drascilla as he’s cursing at me. And that’s what happened. And then [Drascilla] stopped, she listened and came back.”

Deavan's Mom Elicia Blames Jihoon for What Happens to Drascilla

Deavan explained that since none of that was caught on film, that’s why the scene right after Drascilla ran off in the playground was immediately followed by another scene that took place in the middle of a dark street, when a producer asked Deavan, “What happened?”

She also slammed fans who claimed Drascilla isn’t Jihoon’s responsibility and explained she was because they were already married for seven months at the time of the incident. Deavan also said the reason why she was so upset with Jihoon in that moment wasn’t because he wasn’t looking after Drascilla, but because of the way he spoke to her in front of the crew and her mom.

Deavan admitted she and her mom could have done a better job at controlling their tempers in the situation, but explained that the incident took place after a grueling 17-hour day of filming. She also added that since it happened one year ago, she and Jihoon had already worked through the issue and moved on.

“I know that editing can make things look more dramatized and I know I signed up for this and I agreed to editing that may be a little more dramatized,” she added. “But I didn’t agree to editing that puts my family’s life in danger. And these past two episodes have put my family’s life in danger.”

Deavan explained she wanted to clear the air so that online trolls could stop leaving nasty comments or threats for her husband and her daughter, and especially her mother, who didn’t sign up for the show and doesn’t get paid for her participation. She also defended her mother’s reaction and said any mother and grandmother would have reacted the same way in that situation.

“I’ve been upset with edits before. I haven’t been vocal about it too much. But the edits are just getting so bad on my daughter that it’s disgusting and it’s disheartening,” She continued. “Just know my daughter is a good girl, guys. She really is. What they show, it’s like they wanna make this storyline of just hurting this child. She was 3. And they created a storyline of this child when she’s not like that. Every kid has their moments throughout the day. Anyway, you guys won’t be seeing her on any more seasons. My kids, I’m not going to put them on TV anymore. That’s my fault, I should have never put them on TV. I’ll own up to that.”

90 day fiance deavan gives jihoon second chance

She went on to claim the producers allegedly promised Deavan they wouldn’t give her daughter a negative edit on the series. “I told them I didn’t want Drascilla on TV this season and they promised me they would never show her pullup cause at the time, she was having a difficult time with potty training, she was only 3,” Deavan claimed.

“They promised they wouldn’t show her bottle, and she was on formula at that age because she was losing weight and she couldn’t gain any weight and her doctor recommended it,” she continued. “But people don’t take that into consideration, they just judge saying I’m neglectful when it’s actually the complete opposite of that. They promised they wouldn’t show that, and they did. They promised they wouldn’t twist my daughter as a bad kid, and they did. And everything they promised me this season, they swore up and down, they did and I’m very upset about that because they promised me. And they convinced me to put my kids on TV by giving me those promises and I should have never allowed it. That’s my fault as a mom.”

She urged fans to continue to watch the season so they could get the full story. “I just had to clear that one thing up because the amount of money I was paid is not worth my daughter’s jeopardy. Cause I didn’t get paid that much,” Deavan concluded. “The amount I made on TLC for both seasons, I made in one month doing my own s—t. Money is not worth it when my family is being threatened and put in danger and we’re not even making enough money for protection or getting offered protection.”

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