Owning up. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Jihoon Lee took full responsibility for the way he handled a scary situation with his stepdaughter, Drascilla Clegg. After wife Deavan Clegg‘s 3-year-old daughter from a previous relationship ran off toward a street, the 29-year-old failed to protect her from possibly running into traffic.

The Monday, Augst 17 episode picked up right where the previous left off: Deavan, 23, her mother, Elicia Clegg, and Jihoon were preparing to leave after spending time with Jihoon’s parents at a nearby park. While carrying their infant son, Taeyang, Deavan told her husband to bring Drascilla back up to their apartment. The South Korea native picked up Drascilla but put her down after she yelled — and she immediately took off running to a nearby street, which was dark as the sun had already set.

90 day fiance jihoon takes responsibility drascilla running off

Deavan and Elicia ran as they screamed at Drascilla to stop, but the little girl didn’t listen. That’s when Jihoon took off running after his stepdaughter, but he stopped after he felt his wife was “yelling” at him.

“Stop yelling at me,” Jihoon told his wife. While the couple continued to argue with each other, Elicia was able to grab Drascilla before she made it to the street. “You need to go inside!” Elicia scolded her granddaughter.

Deavan was understandably upset at her husband. “He lets go of Drascilla, lets her run all the way in the street. I yell at him to get her, and he yells at me in front of my mom to not f–king yell at him while he’s letting her run that way when he knows that she can get hit by a car, but he’s more concerned that I’m yelling at him,” the Utah native told producers as Jihoon walked away to smoke a cigarette.

Elicia was also fuming at her son-in-law. “He better f–king step up, ’cause she’ll f–king die,” she yelled as she carried Drascilla to their apartment. Deavan joined her mom and daughter while Jihoon spoke with his mother outside. Jihoon’s mom, Jung Lee, was on his side and accused Deavan of “belittling” her son with the way she speaks to him.

After leaving her kids with her mother, Deavan went back outside to talk to her husband. “You were more focused on your pride instead of protecting Drascilla,” Deavan told Jihoon. After insisting that he did try to protect his stepdaughter, Jihoon broke down in tears.

He accused his wife of belittling him, but Deavan didn’t show him any sympathy. She said his behavior has shown her that he’s not ready to be a family man. She gave Jihoon the option to walk away from their marriage and kids for his “freedom,” and he chose his family. “I’ll become a better dad because I really love you guys. That is my honest truth,” Jihoon promised. Deavan accepted Jihoon’s promise.

90 day fiance are deavan and jihoon still together
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“I’m telling Jihoon I forgive him, but honestly, he has to regain that trust,” Deavan said in her confessional. He also had to work to regain trust with his mother-in-law too. Jihoon told his wife he wanted to apologize to Elicia, and she went up to the apartment to watch over the kids while her mother met with Jihoon outside.

But Elicia wasn’t so quick to forgive. Not only did she not accept Jihoon’s apology, but she asked him how he would feel if someone reacted the way he did while his biological son, Taeyang, were running off toward a street.

“Elicia’s right. It’s my fault. I am the dad and I have a responsibility to protect her,” Jihoon said in his confessional.

He told Elicia he understood and said he just became a father and will work on becoming a better one. “Your excuses mean nothing to me,” Elicia told her son-in-law. She then issued a warning to him. “If you kill my granddaughter, I’m going f–king to kill you,” she threatened. It looks like fans will have to wait to see if Jihoon can earn Elicia and Deavan’s trust back.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs on TLC Mondays at 9 p.m.

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