Holly Weeks and Wayne Cornish made their debut on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5, which premiered on July 10, 2023. Throughout their time on the TLC spinoff, fans watched their relationship unfold as Holly headed to South Africa to start a new life with Wayne.

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Who Are Holly and Wayne on ‘90 Day Fiance’?

Holly, 44, is a “fairy-tale-obsessed barber from Utah,” according to the couple’s bio on TLC’s website. Meanwhile, Wayne, 40, owns a plumbing business in Johannesburg, South Africa. They met on a Jehovah’s Witnesses dating site and got engaged three days after Holly’s first visit to South Africa. Despite her family’s concerns, Holly was ready to spend three months in Wayne’s country to start their life together. Her extended stay had its obstacles, though, including Holly’s mom, Judy, coming along and the wedding date coming up just over a week after her arrival.

What Challenges Have 90 Day Fiance’s Holly and Wayne Faced?

In a preview clip ahead of the new season, Holly and Wayne chatted on a video call. The couple expressed how much they loved and missed each other and spoke about Holly’s upcoming trip to South Africa. Wayne said he was “most excited” about their honeymoon. 

In a confessional, Holly opened up about the fast-approaching wedding date.

“I know it’s really quick, but I feel like we’re really ready,” she said. “And we’ve been waiting until we’re married to have sex and so we’re excited to do that as well.”

Holly and Wayne then spoke about their first night together. She asked Wayne if he was concerned he wouldn’t “satisfy” her, but he didn’t seem worried. “We’re gonna give honeymoon a new name, baby,” he said.

Holly then explained that neither she nor Wayne are active Jehovah’s Witnesses, but they both wanted to “do things differently” than they had in the past. 

Wayne admitted this has been the longest he’s waited to have sex, and Holly reiterated how excited she was for their wedding and honeymoon.

During the July 17 episode, Holly traveled alongside her mom to South Africa, and it was clear the matriarch had major concerns for her daughter’s safety in the foreign country. 

“I’ve gotta get to know him but I’m very concerned about your safety,” Judy told her daughter as they made the trek. “That’s one of the biggest concerns I have. And there’s good reason for it. Because you have been broken into, it’s very worrisome and I don’t know what to expect.” 

While Holly and Wayne shared a warm reunion at the airport, the South Africa native immediately began criticizing her dress, accusing her of “flaunting everything.” The pair also butted heads about their future home. While Holly was adamant about moving into a gated community, Wayne argued that he put a lot of money into his home and it wouldn’t be an easy move. 

Holly’s mom tagging along for the trip to South Africa also caused some tension — and awkwardness. While Holly wanted Judy there to keep her and Wayne from having sex before their wedding, the soon-to-be bride admitted it was “really weird” to have a “chaperone” when she and Wayne are both in their forties. Wayne also made things even more awkward when he said, “We will have, like, a threesome … watching TV.”

Even after Holly’s mom left South Africa, the couple still faced issues. Holly found herself at home alone a lot due to Wayne’s busy work schedule. On the October 30 episode, she admitted to being “homesick” while living her new life.

Wayne took Holly shopping for “modest” clothes during the July 31 episode and they had differing opinions on what they found acceptable. Wayne admitted that his concern about Holly’s clothes stemmed from safety as he felt her short dresses may incite violence. 

“When you dress like that in South Africa with short dresses and short minis, guys are just going to get completely the wrong picture of you, and Holly could potentially put herself in danger,” he told producers. “She’s used to her culture where they don’t care how you dress. But in South Africa, you sort of get targeted, so if Holly wants to stay safe in South Africa she’s definitely going to change the way she dresses.”

Meanwhile, Holly felt she gave up a lot in moving to South Africa and didn’t want to lose her identity by changing up her style. “The thing with moving to a foreign country, you’ve given up so much,” she explained in another scene. “So when someone doesn’t like your clothes and tries to change stuff about you, it’s really hard because you don’t want to lose any part of yourself because you’ve already given enough.”

While Wayne agreed that he didn’t want his fiancée to look like a nun, he told Holly that he didn’t want people to confuse her for a prostitute — which caused her to burst into tears while in the dressing room with her mom. 

“I’m really shocked,” she told the cameras. “I’m being a good sport and then he says people would probably think I was a prostitute with my clothing. I’ve given up everything I have to be with this person. I put everything on the line and like, I really felt betrayed.”

Can 90 Day Fiance’s Wayne Financially Support Holly?

Prior to arriving in South Africa, Holly worried for her safety as she revealed Wayne’s home had been burglarized multiple times in the past. 

“In the last six months, I’ve been broken into three times and the third time they broke in, they killed my dog,” Wayne told producers. “Like they probably wanna prove a point to me or whatever.” 

In an effort to feel safer in her new city, Holly made an appointment for the couple to visit a gated community, however, she was unaware Wayne couldn’t afford to live there. 

“I don’t have any money save ‘cause I wasn’t planning to buy a house yet,” he told the U.S. native during the August 21 episode. In a separate interview with producers, he added, “If Holly realizes that there’s absolutely no way that I’m gonna be able to afford to give her what she wants, I’m thinking will she be there emotionally for me?” 

In a later conversation about his finances, the plumber revealed his work has been slow and also dropped a bombshell that he invested $40,000 into cryptocurrency. While Wayne felt the investment could have them set for life, Holly was upset because the money was meant to be spent on their honeymoon.

“I feel like you should’ve included me with that because, like, I gave up a lot to be here,” Holly replied. “You hurt someone that loves you so much and someone that sacrificed everything.”

Holly was again faced with the realities of Wayne’s finances during the September 11 episode after learning he was behind in his business loan payments.

“I feel really hurt that he concealed his financial situation from me,” the hairstylist told producers in an interview during the episode, adding that it made her question her trust in her future partner. “The days leading up to my wedding should be the best time of my life and it’s not because of all this.” 

The plumbing business owner acknowledged that losing everything made him feel “less of a man,” but he was determined to prove himself to her. 

“At the end of the day, if I’ve got to work three jobs to support you, that’s what I’ll do,” Wayne reassured her. Despite his promises, Holly wasn’t fully confident in his abilities as a provider. 

“I didn’t know he was in debt. He hid that from me. So, finding out that he’s in a lot of debt is a huge shock to me,” she said in a private interview. “It makes me concerned; does he not handle money correctly? Is he bad with money?” 

Did 90 Day Fiance’s Holly and Wayne Get Married?

Despite some major nerves on both parts, Wayne and Holly tied the knot during the October 2, 2023, episode of the spinoff. 

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Holly and Wayne Still Together?

Wayne seemed to confirm his split from Holly when he replied to a fan’s November 2023 Instagram comment with, “I’m not with Holly,” according to a screenshot shared to Reddit. Shortly after he made the shocking revelation, Wayne deleted his Instagram account.

Holly’s own recent Instagram posts imply she is back in America, further suggesting that she and Wayne have called it quits.

The news came after Wayne appeared in an unusual video posted to Holly’s Instagram in July 2023. The clip showed Wayne measuring Holly and preparing to pack her away in a huge shipping box. Holly has also posted some cryptic TikTok videos on her account, including a June 2023 video about what it’s like as an “American woman living in South Africa.”

“I’ve seen things you’ve only seen in your nightmares,” she lip-synced. Holly’s other lip-syncing videos have alluded to the “worst day” of her life and anxiety about seeing her relationship with Wayne play out on 90 Day Fiancé.

Wayne came to Holly’s defense in August 2023, slamming both TLC producers and viewers for the hate they received recently. The South Africa native argued that the show edited their relationship in a bad light and that the show’s creators only cared about “their pockets.”

“All people care about today is money, not people’s feelings. And you know what, I’m getting pretty tired of it,” he said in a video clip posted on Instagram. “I mean, I’m not a bad person. Holly is not a bad person. But you know what? We’re sorry we did this show.”

In his video, Wayne continued on to say that Holly “wakes up every day crying” because of the comments people make about them due to what fans see on 90 Day Fiancé. He said they’ve had people calling them “drug addicts” and “meth heads” and commenting on Wayne’s teeth, making it seem like he has none. The business owner added that TLC uses editing and “dubbing” — replacing the original audio in a show or film with a new audio track — to paint the cast members in a bad light. 

“[It’s] what the show does. They make you look like lunatics. That’s why they want you here because they just care about their pockets. It’s all they want,” he continued. “I will not let anyone hurt Holly any further.”

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