Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield promised fans that she and her husband, Garrick Merrifield, wouldn’t end up like Kody Brown’s family from Sister Wives. Her response came after people watching the couple’s Instagram Live Q&A questioned whether she was worried about ending up like the Browns.

“I think it’s kind of a moot point,” Dannielle, 35, said on Wednesday, May 8. “Because that’s like saying in monogamous relationships, if somebody gets divorced, that means marriage just doesn’t work, but that’s not true. I feel like in any relationship there’s struggles, there’s trials, there’s things you have to work through. And some relationships work and some don’t. So yeah, that’s my take on that.”

When Sister Wives premiered in 2010, Kody, 55, was living a polygamous lifestyle with his three wives, Meri ​Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine ​Brown. At the time he was pursuing a fourth wife, Robyn ​Brown, who he eventually brought into the family. Since the show’s premiere, Meri, 53, Jenelle, 55, and Christine, 52, have all left Kody, with only Robyn, 45, staying ​married to the patriarch.

However, the mom of three clarified that she didn’t have anything against Kody’s family. She even admitted that she was a fan of their show.

“I feel like Kody and his wives had a great thing for a long time,” Dannielle added. “I watched that show for a long time. I think I started watching it when I was a senior in high school … I think they had a lot of problems. It’s a lot of work. Relationships are hard.”

Dannielle also touched on whether she and Garrick, 40, would have any more children.

“The shop is closed,” the reality TV star said before adding that she had her “tubes tied.” The couple welcomed baby No. 3 in May 2023.

Seeking Sister Wife’s Danielle Won’t Be Like Sister Wives

Even though Danielle said she doesn’t plan on having ​any more children, she didn’t rule out Garrick having children with another wife. The landscape artist has been pursuing a Brazilian woman named Nathalia Lima, and they previously had plans to marry. However, those plans fell through when a judge denied their marriage request.

Dannielle revealed her surprise pregnancy during the April 22 episode of Seeking Sister Wife, and the Monday, May 6, episode of the show featured Garrick and Nathalia, 26, discussing how they were “purposely” trying for a baby of their own. When Danielle arrived in Brazil to share her baby news, Nathalia was visibly upset.

“I definitely think Nathalia is depressed and devastated because of the wedding getting called off and on top of it, dealing with the disappointment that she thought she was pregnant because she was late,” Garrick told producers in a one-on-one. “We were purposely trying to have a child. Me and Dannielle was a total accident, like whoops.”

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