Survivor season 46 is entering its final episodes, and the players are willing to do anything they have to in order to win the game! In case you missed it, Tiff was voted out in episode 10 with a hidden immunity idol in her pocket. Naturally, the castaways decided to go on a frantic idol hunt in the episode following her departure. Who went home in episode 11?

Who Found the Hidden Immunity Idol?

After Tiff’s exit, Kenzie was extremely emotional because she was on the wrong side of the vote.

“This tribal was the first time I’ve been left out of the vote, and it’s the worst,” Kenzie said through tears in a confessional after tribal council. “This is the first time I’ve been wrong in the game.”

Maria took full credit for Tiff’s blindside, while Kenzie and Venus scrambled after voting the wrong way in episode 10. But there was no more time to lament, as the players all began searching for a hidden immunity idol the next morning, with the exception of Liz. Venus was sure that she would be the one to find it, considering she knew where the other idols were found.

Eventually, Venus ended up finding the hidden immunity idol while poking around in a pile of leaves! She ultimately decided that it was best not to tell anyone about it. Charlie began questioning whether or not it was time to blindside Maria at the next tribal council. Fate had other plans.

Who Won the Immunity Challenge and Reward?

For the immunity challenge, which also came with a pizza reward, the players were tasked with balancing a ball on a pole through an obstacle course. At the end, they had to complete a maze with two balls. It became very obvious from the start that it would all come down to luck. After a montage of Venus and Maria going head-to-head in the maze portion, it was Maria who won individual immunity and the reward.

She chose Ben to come with her to share the pizza reward, and made Liz and Q play rock, paper, scissors for the final spot. Q beat Liz at the silly game, leading him to indulge in the reward. Needless to say, the rest of the players were pissed by Maria’s decision and it may come back to bite her.

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Who Went Home on ‘Survivor’ in Episode 11?

With Maria winning immunity, the plan to blindside her at tribal council obviously didn’t happen. It seemed like the majority of the players decided once again that Q was the main target heading into tribal council. Just before tribal council, Venus made a comment to Charlie about potentially having a hidden immunity idol up her sleeve. He immediately grew suspicious of her, and began questioning his vote. Charlie told Ben of his suspicions, and they both questioned whether Venus was a bigger threat than Q after all.

Maria got roasted by her tribemates at tribal council for taking Q on the reward with her. “In my head, Maria wants to play with Q more than I thought,” Liz said before voting. Q decided to throw Venus under the bus about being untrustworthy as a last ditch effort to keep himself in the game. His plan worked! This guy sure knows how to talk his way out of getting sent home each week. Venus ended up going home with a hidden immunity idol in her pocket.

But the thing we can’t quite figure out is why there was a rogue vote for Kenzie at tribal council. Sure enough, it was Ben who voted for Kenzie, and we are more confused than ever about why he was on the wrong side of the vote. The trailer for next week’s episode teased yet another big blindside, and we cannot wait to see what goes down back at camp after Venus’ elimination.

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