90 Day Fiancé star Wayne Cornish has worked hard for his money as an entrepreneur. Since making his reality TV debut during season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, viewers are likely wondering what his net worth is and how he makes money.

What Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Wayne’s Net Worth?

Though specifics about his net worth are unknown, Wayne is worth about $300,000, according to multiple reports.

How Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Wayne Make Money?

The TV personality currently works as a plumber and business owner. Wayne started WMC PLUMBING in February 2013, according to his LinkedIn profile. Additionally, he works for a company called Master Plumbing in Sandton, South Africa.

“I am a person that has a passion for plumbing and take high pride in what I do,” the South Africa native wrote in his LinkedIn bio. “My business logo is THE RIGHT WAY.”

Wayne’s next business endeavor will be offering online plumbing courses starting on October 31, 2023, according to his Instagram bio.

“Impress your husband or wife and get the job repaired on your own. Why wait for a plumber to come out and repair the problem,” the description of the program read. “Learn how to fix nearly every plumbing problem in your home. This easy DIY plumbing course will save you tons of money.”

Does Wayne Make Money for Appearing on ‘90 Day Fiance’?

Another source of Wayne’s income comes from appearing on the TLC series. His exact salary hasn’t been confirmed, though Before the 90 Days cast tend to make between $500 to $1,000 per episode. Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiancé cast members earn $1,000 to $1,500 per episode.

‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Wayne Slammed the Franchise

After his first episode aired in July 2023, Wayne admitted that he and Holly Weeks regret participating in the franchise after they received backlash online.

He took to Instagram in August 2023 to share a video titled “A message for 90 Day Fiancé comments and the creators that care about their pockets.” In the clip, Wayne slammed critics who “don’t care what they do to hurt your feelings.”

“They get paid to do little blogs and to do videos and stuff because that’s all people care about today is money, not people’s feelings. And you know what, I’m getting pretty tired of it,” Wayne said. “I mean, I’m not a bad person. Holly is not a bad person. But you know what? We’re sorry we did this show.”

Find Out '90 Day Fiance' Star Wayne Cornish's Net Worth and How He Makes Money

Amid their debut season, the couple were called “drug addicts” and “meth heads.” Wayne and Holly also faced backlash when he criticized the way Holly dressed during the July 31 episode. While some viewers accused the plumber of being “abusive,” others called out Holly for tolerating his comments.

In addition to slamming fans, Wayne also slammed the network for editing their scenes to portray them in a negative light.

“[It’s] what the show does. They make you look like lunatics. That’s why they want you here because they just care about their pockets. It’s all they want,” he said. “So you know what, guys, if you want to, judge us. If it makes you feel better or it makes you feel like you’ve done a good deed, then judge people, talk bad about people so you can feel better.”

Can 90 Day Fiance’s Wayne Afford a New House for Holly?

Following her arrival, Holly and her mother, Judy, feared for Holly’s safety while living in South Africa. Wayne’s house has been burglarized multiple times in the past and they felt the only suitable solution would be moving into a gated community. 

Holly made an appointment for the couple to look at a gated community during the August 21 episode and it was clear she was unaware that Wayne couldn’t afford to live there.

“I don’t have any money save ‘cause I wasn’t planning to buy a house yet,” he told the U.S. native. In a separate interview with producers, he added, “If Holly realizes that there’s absolutely no way that I’m gonna be able to afford to give her what she wants, I’m thinking will she be there emotionally for me?”

In a later conversation about his finances, Wayne revealed his work has been slow and also dropped a bombshell that he invested $40,000 into cryptocurrency. While Wayne felt the investment could have them set for life, Holly was upset because that was their honeymoon money.

“I feel like you should’ve included me with that because, like, I gave up a lot to be here,” Holly replied. “You hurt someone that loves you so much and someone that sacrificed everything.”

The business owner opened up about his money problems, explaining he didn’t think Holly would want to be with him if she knew he was struggling financially. 

“When I was dating Holly, Holly told me that she would never be with someone that’s financially struggling,” he explained during the August 28 episode. “So she’s just living in the dark, not knowing what’s happening.”

Prior to walking down the aisle, Holly also learned that Wayne was behind in his payments, making her question her trust in her future partner. 

“I feel really hurt that he concealed his financial situation from me,” the hairstylist told producers in an interview during the September 11 episode. “The days leading up to my wedding should be the best time of my life and it’s not because of all this.” 

Wayne admitted that his financial situation made him feel “less of a man,” but was determined to prove himself to her. 

“At the end of the day, if I’ve got to work three jobs to support you, that’s what I’ll do,” he reassured her. Despite his promises, the U.S. native wasn’t fully confident in his abilities as a provider. 

“I didn’t know he was in debt. He hid that from me. So, finding out that he’s in a lot of debt is a huge shock to me,” she said in a private interview. “It makes me concerned; does he not handle money correctly? Is he bad with money?” Both pushed through their anxieties, however, and tied the knot during the October 2 episode.

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