Kris Jenner Admits to Joan Rivers: “I Cried Myself to Sleep” Over Kim’s Sex Tape

Kris Jenner explains how difficult her life was after Kim's sex tape leaked.

Kris Jenner explains how difficult her life was after Kim's sex tape leaked.

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Now that Kris Jenner is single, she’s already jumping into bed … with a woman?

The Kardashian matriarch appeared on In Bed With JoanJoan Rivers’ intimate webseries—and opened up about how difficult it was when Kim’s sex tape came out.

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“I cried myself to sleep,” she confessed to the funny lady. “I don’t think anything can prepare you for something like that when it comes to your daughter."

Kris also offered insight on how she pulled herself together and coped for her family.

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“I had to go into a room and cry for a couple days and say, ‘Okay, pull yourself to-f**king-gether because you have to be here for all these kids and your family, and you have to show them as an example how to get through this,’” she told Joan.

Kris also addressed those pesky naysayers who constantly say her daughters don’t have talent.

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“It’s not like they’re actors or singers or dancers and people often go, ‘Oh they have no talent!’ but they do have talent,” she explained.  “Because what they started out to do, they accomplished, which I’m so proud of, and that was being clothing designers and they opened stores and they had a business; that’s what I care about—they have a passion for something, and they figured it out and found a way to go do that.”

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