New Orleans set the stage for Married at First Sight season 11 and matches Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner, Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey, Karen Landry and Miles Williams, Amani Aliyya and Woody Randall, and Henry Rodriguez and Christina Croce brought the drama … but almost most importantly the love! 

History was made a few times this season as not only did one couple previously meet before their stranger wedding — but another bride learned her husband’s identity before meeting him at the aisle. 

The season 11 couples also experienced the longest experiment in the franchise as the coronavirus pandemic almost doubled the normal eight-week process. Keep reading to find out where the Married at First Sight season 11 couples stand in 2023. 

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Amelia and Bennett Still Together?

Bennett and Amelia From Married at First Sight
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Amelia and Bennett made history on season 11 of Married at First Sight as they were the first couple to have met prior to getting married. The pair had met twice before walking down the aisle and the New Jersey native had admitted to noticing her while in a group setting, but didn’t act due to being in a relationship at the time. 

Amelia was a medical student and while she was OK with being the breadwinner in the home, the main issue was going to be Amelia’s constant need to relocate for her profession.

While Amelia and Bennett agreed to stay married on Decision Day — with the couple revealing they were moving to Virginia during the October 2020 reunion — they ultimately called it quits and filed for divorce in October 2021. 

The pair likely ended on good terms and they still follow each other on Instagram. 

Since divorcing Bennett, Amelia has found a new boyfriend, yoga coach Alexander Bayer, and she seems very happy. She often posts photos of their adventures in Alaska on her Instagram. Meanwhile, Bennett is continuing his theater career in New Orleans.

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Olivia and Brett Still Together?

Brett Olivia MAFS SEASON 11 still together
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Olivia was a long-time fan of the show and entered the experiment with the expectation of making the marriage work. Unfortunately, she felt that Brett was overly sarcastic and wasn’t ready to settle down.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, production was halted and couples were forced to document the rest of the experiment via self-shot footage. Unfortunately, Brett felt it was too long for his life to be on hold and moved out of their shared apartment while Olivia was out of town visiting family. 

The couple decided to get a divorce on Decision Day and are no longer together.

Olivia and Brett both appeared to be dating other people after their divorce, but they now seem to be single again. Olivia has started a true crime podcast called “Check the Locks.”

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Amani and Woody Still Together?

Woody and Amani on Married at First Sight
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After Woody and Amani met at the altar, sparks flew. The couple had no issues creating intimacy and worked hard for their emotional connection to catch up with their physical one. 

The New Orleans couple’s efforts paid off as Woody and Amani are still together and stronger than ever! Following their fairy tale romance, Woody and Amani announced they were expecting their first child on their two-year anniversary of meeting on the reality show. 

“Today marks 24 months I’ve been married to the love of my life, Woody Randall,” the New Orleans resident shared via Instagram in February 2022. “The biggest gift of all is being 24 weeks pregnant with the new love of our life.” 

Woody and Amani welcomed baby No. 1, a son named Reign Randall, on June 3, 2022. They celebrated his first birthday with People a year later.

“This first year of parenthood has been a huge learning experience,” the couple shared. “Not just learning about Reign, but ourselves also. [It’s] been challenging. Handling sleep regressions due to growth spurts or teething has caused a lot of sleepless nights. It was hard but we made it through and couldn’t be happier to spend every day with him. Reign is one of the happiest babies we’ve ever met and that’s been worth every tough moment we’ve encountered.”

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Karen and Miles Still Together?

Miles and Karen on Married at First Sight
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While matches like Woody and Amani and Bennett and Amelia were easier to predict on Decision Day, Karen and Miles moved at a slower pace compared to the other participants. 

Viewers critiqued Karen’s cold treatment of Miles and felt she was too guarded toward her new husband. Thankfully, the experts anticipated this and matched her with someone as patient as Miles. 

The couple surprised Lifetime fans by choosing to stay married on Decision Day. 

“So the last four months, you know that they have not been easy, by any means. I think that we have had a lot of different feelings,” she told him during the October 2020 episode. “One thing that I love about you and will always respect about you is just like, your heart, how generous you are. And I would like to stay married.” 

Following their time on the long-running series, the couple started a YouTube channel and documented their married life together. 

However, as of September 2022, fans have since speculated the couple has called it quits after noticing the pair unfollowed each other on social media and no longer appear in each other’s posts.

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Henry and Christina Still Together?

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Out of all the season 11 couples, from the moment Christina and Henry met — the incompatibility was clear. While Henry was introverted and quiet, Christina was more outgoing. 

Upon moving in together, Henry learned Christina was living out of her car, despite her initially telling him at their wedding that she lived in the central business district of New Orleans. 

During the season, Christina claimed she received a text message indicating that Henry had an intimate relationship with one of his male friends. While Henry denied the accusations, Christina refused to reveal who her source was. 

It’s not surprising that Christina and Henry chose to get a divorce at the end of the season.

Henry has since moved on with his new girlfriend, Kayla McCormick, and they’ve been together for more than two years.

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