Happily ever after? One of the five couples featured on season 11 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight is Brett and Olivia. The pair was precisely matched by experts before they said “I Do” immediately after meeting on their wedding day.

While the couple has only eight weeks to decide for themselves if they are destined to be together or headed for divorce, Olivia and Brett seem pleased with the experience while speaking exclusively with In Touch. Scroll below to learn more about the couple who met at the altar.

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Where Are Brett and Olivia From?

Brett, 35, is a southern man who was born and raised in Gretna, Louisiana. Olivia, 30, also grew up in Louisiana but moved away to Iowa to get her Master of Science in Nursing degree. She eventually moved back to her home state and lives in New Orleans.

What Do They Do for Work?

When it comes to brains, Olivia and Brett are definitely a match. Brett has a successful career in information technology, while Olivia works at a comprehensive stroke center. With the two both busy with their occupations, marriage at first sight seemed to be the best move for them.

What Were They Looking for in a Spouse?

“I’m an active person, so It was always important that I be matched with someone that can keep up with that lifestyle,” Brett told In Touch. “I really enjoy playful banter and need to be with someone with a similar sense of humor.”

As for Olivia, she was looking for someone who wanted to travel and was a great communicator. “I did not recognize all those qualities in my husband,” she revealed. “Initially, our life goals did not add up.”

Where They Surprised by Their Match?

While Olivia was skeptical at first, she said, “that did not stop us both from figuring out what the experts did see in matchmaking us.”

It appears the feelings were mutual as Brett was also surprised by his match. “I decided to keep an open mind about the entire process,” he explained. “I trust the experts matched us for a reason and we want to find that out together.”

Do They Have Any Regrets About Marrying at First Sight?

Olivia and Brett both have “no regrets” following their experience on the show. “I own my mistakes and use them as lessons about how to be a better person,” Brett added. “I wasn’t always comfortable, but I’m walking away with an important experience.”

Watch their romance unfold and find out if they stay together on season 11 of Married at First Sight, every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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