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Call the Divorce Lawyers! See All the Messiest ‘Married at First Sight’ Breakups

No surprise! Since Married at First Sight first premiered in 2014, the series has had its success in lasting connections but has also gone through quite a few divorces and even some messy annulments. While some found happiness after the cameras stopped rolling, others quickly came to the stark realization that they married a complete stranger on television.

Season 13 ended with no enduring marriages, but the season prior based in Atlanta would prove to be one of the messiest yet. Chris Williams and Paige Banks were an ambitious couple on paper, but the season 12 husband would drop the biggest bomb in MAFS history on their honeymoon — the revelation of his pregnant ex-fiancé. While Paige was willing to look past his future child, Chris continued to harp on his lack of attraction for his new wife.

“There’s so many beautiful Black queens, white queens, Hispanic queens here,” Chris told Pastor Cal in a therapy session. “Out of the millions of women here, y’all picked the one that was just, like … [sighs].” 

However, in one of the most dramatic Decision Days ever, Chris revealed his ex had a miscarriage. “I think we’re undecided,” Chris told the experts regarding his and Paige’s looming choice to stay married. “I can’t give you a decision and she can’t give you a decision either.”

“No, I’m not OK with this,” Resident expert, Dr. Viviana Coles stepped in. “I feel like you’re doing this to play with her and now to play with us.” 

Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake had strong physical attraction on their wedding day, however, their large age gap would be their demise. While Erik was ready to start a family, Virginia wasn’t sure that was something she’d ever want.

While the pair made it past Decision Day, their messy breakup would play on the series’ self-documented spinoff, Couples Cam. The two tried to meet up for lunch following their time on the show but Virginia detailed a scary encounter in which she got out of the car while the car was in motion to get herself an Uber home. 

“Simply because you expressed that they do have privilege and would make it farther in life for acknowledging that privilege,” she said in a TikTok captured by fan account MAFS nation. “They proceed to tell you that you’ve done and are doing absolutely nothing with your life, generally that you’re a piece of s—t, that everything that happened to you as a child, you just need to get on.”

For instance, Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados initially seemed into each other when they first met at the altar during season 4, but they soon learned they lacked chemistry. After initially giving their relationship a shot, Pendergrast snapped and told producers he “wasn’t attracted” to Granados. Still, the duo managed to continue their romance before splitting a few months later.

Then, more shocking news came when Pendergrast announced he had a girlfriend — and that she was pregnant with twins. “While he was trying to ‘work’ things out with me, [he was] telling her different,” Granados fumed on Twitter at the time. “Good luck to them both.” Talk about messy!

In season 2, Jessica Castro filed for divorce from Ryan DeNino after he allegedly cheated on her multiple times. Castro later filed a restraining order against DeNino, alleging that he threatened to kill her. The New York Post reported that DeNino was caught on tape making threats against Castro’s life.

“I will break you into f–king pieces,” DeNino said, according to a Queens Family Court petition obtained by the outlet. “I will break your dad into pieces. I will make your whole family disappear — and your f–king dog-ass sister’s boyfriend.”

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