Fans of the former TLC reality series 19 Kids & Counting and now their spin-off, Counting On, starring the Duggars, know the big family sticks to strict religious practices — but there is one thing about their religion that not everyone understands. What religion are the Duggars?

The TLC reality stars follow a lot of the same principles as the Quiverfull religion, though both Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have both denied that’s the sect of Christianity they associate with. Quiverfull is known for putting emphasis on conservative, patriarchal values.

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“In the Quiverfull movement, your kids are blessings from God and they are also weapons in the culture war. Some people in the movement would say that part of having a lot of kids is an attempt to birth more conservative Christians in a world that doesn’t have enough of them,” USC assistant professor of religion Cavan Concannon previously explained to People.

If you ask any members of the famous family, they say that they are Independent Baptist, a more exclusive form of Christianity. They even attend a “home church” to worship amongst a select group of others.

“You’ll see a family with 21 children who sit up front and behave amazingly well. The Duggars sit in the back generally, and we like that too. When someone is as popular and in a leading position, it is always nice to see them put themselves in the back seats and not be on display as if important. Well done, Duggars,” a former church-goer and Proverbs Mama blogger explained via Bustle.

In a recent Facebook post, daughter Jinger Duggar — who many consider to be the most rebellious of all the children — is being regarded as a “birth control rebel.” The Duggars have always been vocal when it comes to their disdain for contraception — but that wasn’t always the case. After welcoming their oldest child, Michelle was on birth control, only to find out she was pregnant. She and husband Jim Bob later lost the baby, and they attributed the miscarriage to birth control.

“As conservative Christians, we believe every life is sacred, even the life of the unborn. Due to our lack of knowledge, we destroyed the precious life of our unborn child. We prayed and studied the Bible and found a host of references that told us God considered children a gift, a blessing, and a reward,” the family has explained. “Yet we had considered having another child an inconvenience during that busy time in our lives, and we had taken steps to prevent it from happening.”

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