Family over everything. Despite her estranged relationship with brother Pedro Jimeno, The Family Chantel star Nicole Jimeno fiercely defended him and slammed his wife, Chantel Everett, amid the couple’s marital issues.

During a scene that aired on the Monday, August 1 episode of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, Nicole and Pedro’s mother, Lidia Jimeno, told her about her surprise visit from Chantel.

“She came here because of her problems with Pedro,” Lidia explained. “She says that Pedro is not paying attention to her, that he’s only working, working, working. That they don’t do anything together.”

Nicole interrupted, “But I don’t understand. Why does she think you can help her now if she’s never tried to have a relationship with you or anything?”


“Because she understands that now I am useful to her,” Lidia said. She explained that after listening to Chantel’s side of the story, in which Nicole said Chantel was playing the “victim,” she asked Pedro about his side and told Nicole about the “scene” that Chantel made in front of Pedro’s coworkers at a happy hour event.

“Why doesn’t he divorce that woman?” Nicole asked, before weighing in on why she thought Chantel had an issue with Pedro working so much to try to advance in his career as real estate agent.

“For fear he would leave her. She wants to have a partner where she is the star. Where she is everything and where the man is always there behind her like this,” she said while panting like a dog. “[Following] after her, like an idiot. And unfortunately, Pedro is not that type of man. Pedro is a very hardworking man.”

Lidia agreed with Nicole’s take on Chantel and Pedro’s marital issues. “Not just that, but [Pedro] has a lot of projects and she doesn’t have projects. She doesn’t have any goals,” the lawyer said.

“Chantel’s thing is having her nails, hair and makeup done. I mean, like, what more does she want?” Nicole hit back.

Pedro’s little sister then said that she predicted that his relationship with Chantel wouldn’t last. “I always told you that their marriage will go to s—t,” Nicole continued. Lidia said that Pedro was going to book the next flight to the Dominican Republic to confront Chantel and she asked Nicole if she would want to see her brother amid their estrangement.

“Of course! I’m going to support my brother,” Nicole said. “And I’m going to support him so he gets divorced. If he wants to divorce tomorrow, tomorrow we find him a lawyer and we will divorce him from here.”

She also expressed that her brother would have no trouble bouncing back and finding another woman after his divorce from his wife. “There are plently of women here, all kinds of women, better than Chantel,” Nicole added. “Prettier than Chantel with a better body than Chantel.”

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Lidia said they would just need to wait until Pedro arrives to ask him what he plans to do next. “What he has to do is divorce that woman,” Nicole said. “That’s the only thing he has to do.”

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